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Synonyms for concoction

Synonyms for concoction

any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients

an occurrence of an unusual mixture

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the invention of a scheme or story to suit some purpose

the act of creating something (a medicine or drink or soup etc

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For Mr Oseni Alabi, the lack of knowledge of the ingredients combined to make the concoctions is the real challenge.
This was extremely relevant and also needed as these chemicals are being increasingly consumed by our youth in particular and people in general in form of betel nut and its concoction,' said the seasoned professionals.
The reality is it is extremely hard to police as the people making these concoctions are always one step ahead of drug laws.
While I was at the store, I did not touch or use the Hokkaido powder flavor since it was not one of the ingredients used in my concoctions, Abrigo said.
Summary: Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates supreme dining destination Sezzam presents sumptuous spicy new concoctions from the kitchen of its new Indian chef, Aman Manoj Kumar.
For instance, these two books from Lark Publishing: The Leaping, Sliding, Sprinting, Riding Science Book and Coo/Chemistry Concoctions.
While Patterson has filleted his share of one-of-a-kind riffs in the past, there's something about the Settle Down City concoctions that leaves you nearly breathless in anticipation for more.
Alongside the legion of anti-aging products for women, cosmetics makers now hawk increasingly popular creams, gels and other concoctions to fight off the signs of age that besmirch young men's faces.
He Poos Clouds whips pizzicato strings, snare drums, woodwinds, and his light but affecting tenor into deceptively complex yet frothy-sounding pop concoctions, all inspired by being the butt of many a mean-spirited teen-movie joke.
Asuzu of the University of Nigeria Nsukka in Enugu and his colleagues consulted native healers about plant concoctions they prescribed for snakebites.
From cosmetics and drugs to lubricants, oils and construction materials, a vast and surprising array of concoctions is provided for the chemistry student interested in 'do it yourself' materials.
After watching countless young adult consumers desert beer to sample inexplicable energy drink/distilled spirit concoctions, Anheuser-Busch has decided to field an inexplicable energy drink/beer concoction.
Flowers and vegetables are getting last-minute doses of secret concoctions at one of the city's biggest allotment sites in preparation for the competition this weekend.
These pharmaceutical concoctions have no nutritional value, and at best offer temporary amelioration of symptoms while doing nothing to address causes.
They serve up such culinary delights as Papa Darden's homemade fruit wines, Grandad Sampson's honey concoctions, Aunt Annie's endless sweat potato repertoire, and Aunt Lillie's kitchen beauty products.