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the quality of being final or definitely settled

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Among the numerous variables explored by the Yale Group were message sidedness and conclusiveness.
Despite the fact that the Minneapolis experiment hailed mandatory arrest as an effective means of eradicating domestic violence, the study contained structural problems that detracted from its conclusiveness.
The Windsor opinion's imprecise argumentation reflects this skepticism about the conclusiveness of conventional legal authority.
There will be the "nth degree-er" who takes points made in the presentation past their logical conclusions toward a less-than-logical conclusiveness.
Despite the conclusiveness of our findings, this study has some limitations that will need to be taken into account in future research.
239, 268 (discussing how purported brain scanning experts can use the appeal of the images to overstate the conclusiveness of the brain scanning technology and thereby mislead the jury about the diagnosis).
After returning to the study center the nurses checked the diary for readability, completeness and conclusiveness.
That task is made more difficult, of course, by the disjointed nature of the discussion, with Stavans himself warning, also in the preface: "Beware of looking for sequence, cohesiveness, and conclusiveness in these pieces, though; they are but fragmentary sketches of my intellectual curiosity.
Even if we posit the terminal danger as an objective given, the lack of observational conclusiveness might easily leave enough people unpersuaded of the objectively true danger that they would persist in the danger-generating activity.
The primary advantage(s) of binding arbitration or voluntary trial resolution in nonchild-related family law cases is the "high degree of conclusiveness (which) attaches to an arbitration award (so as) to avoid the expense and delay of litigation .
Montano teases out myriad examples of the centrality of cultural factors in communications between crown administrators in Ireland and their superiors in London, and is assiduous in plumbing contemporary correspondence and rhetoric for evidence of cause-and-effect, but the extent to which cultural imperatives shaped prevailing economic and political forces defies conclusiveness, in several respects.
Durieux and Hurwitz, (171) Durieux and McAdam, (172) Jackson, (173) and Rutinwa (174) have each, however, rejected this view of prima facie refugee status as temporary and incomplete, on the basis of the conclusiveness of the prima facie presumption of refugeehood.
Indeed, while Fox News and CNN published nearly identical incorrect headlines, those listening to the audio on the Fox broadcast would likely have been less convinced of the report's conclusiveness.
Reductions in within-group anxiety levels were reported in both the lavender (Provencal lavender) and grapeseed inhalation groups, however, no between-group analyses were performed which limits its conclusiveness.
Sections six and seven of the instrument asked participants to respond to demographic and manipulation-check questions, including a question about their perceptions of the conclusiveness of DNA evidence.