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the quality of being final or definitely settled

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In order to assess the informativeness and conclusiveness of a given segregating sites as a potential genetic marker, polymorphic information content (PIC) was determined, taking into account the number of alleles per given variable site and their frequency (Botstein et al.
the big Gold Cup trial was robbed of conclusiveness when Djakadam fell at the tenth fence.
The president's ironclad confidence in the conclusiveness of the science, and therefore the desirability of "common-sense gun safety laws," is echoed widely with every new mass shooting, from academia to the popular press to that guy you knew from high school on Facebook.
Unfortunately, the same problems with reliability, validity, and conclusiveness remain, and more unfortunately, these problems are not at all a new phenomenon.
12) By 1946, the conclusiveness of this directive was so well settled that the U.
Descargues argues that the brief biography of parson Yorick in Volume 1 of Tristram Shandy is one of its most linearly told plotlines and that therefore must conclude with the parson's death, for Sterne, too, finds the conclusiveness of a straightforward life-story to be nothing but reductive, displaying "a measure of suspicion regarding the biographical craft" (173).
We know definitely - though not definitively, which implies conclusiveness - that the WMCA authors of the devolution bid are the seven boroughs that once comprised the metropolitan county.
The conclusiveness of the closing lines in fact serves to reinforce the inconclusive, contradictory nature of desire.
The small sample size limits the conclusiveness of results, and therefore further investigation should be undertaken in order to determine a convincing outcome regarding the effect of visual characteristics such as near vision and visual efficiency on handwriting.
22) There is no consensus as to the conclusiveness of these results, and the studies in measuring the effect of law do not delve much into the details of how securities law operates in facilitating the rise of markets.
The conclusiveness of proof in respect of legitimacy of a child was properly thought out and quite deliberated the law does not give a free license to individuals and particularly unscrupulous fathers, to make bald assertions and thus to stigmatize children as well as their mother.
Ultimately Lowin's latest biographer observes that the tract retains a degree of open-endedness controverting the conclusiveness suggested by its title.
Gone are the riches which the dead will inherit, gone is the cleanness and conclusiveness of death, supplanted by impending spectral confusion where "pashed" human machinery is neither wholly dead nor alive--a terrible fate towards which the poet inevitably feels himself moving as well.
However, approaches to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind induced reprogramming are hindered by the inefficiency of induction and the interplay of reprogramming mechanisms with other cellular processes such as the cell cycle, which leads to variability in induced cell populations and limits the conclusiveness of bulk analyses.
on one side the conclusiveness of such a theory as policing