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Synonyms for conclusive

Synonyms for conclusive

determining or having the power to determine an outcome

serving the function of deciding or settling with finality

having or arising from authority

Antonyms for conclusive

forming an end or termination

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The answer of the sisters to the communication was, if not conclusive, at least consoling and hopeful.
The evidence that animals have souls is so very shaky that, if it is assumed to be conclusive, one might just as well go a step further and extend the argument by analogy to all matter.
The first of these theories, namely, that which regards discomfort and pleasure as actual contents in those who experience them, has, I think, nothing conclusive to be said in its favour.
To this there was, in her mind, the conclusive objection that in six years she should be an old woman.
On 23 February 2018, the Minister of Energy, Mr David Mahlobo and the Deputy Minister Ambassador Thembisile Majola met the Board of Central Energy Fund (CEF) to express their concerns at the failure of the Board to submit a conclusive report on the investigations into the sale of Crude Oil Stocks, which has taken 2-years to conclude.
The police chief also explained that testing positive for gunpowder burns was not conclusive that the person fired a gun.
The finding is unanimous and conclusive in the wake of three particularly bloody attacks that had devastated the country.
According to said conclusive study, while the TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK report was scientific in nature, it had not taken into consideration factors such as heat and weather variations.
ISLAMABAD, February 12, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has made it clear that Pakistan aimed conclusive dialogues with India adding that dialogues without Kashmir issue, Siachin and Water couldnt be meaningful for both the countries.
I think it is self evident that Intelligence inputs are not evidence, much less conclusive proof.
The Rohrabacher report concludes by saying: "We have found no conclusive evidence of a foreign connection, but there remain questions that need to be answered before this final chapter can justifiably be closed.
Royal Professor in Ethics and American Society and Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin) is an engaging and descriptive analysis of democratic national empowerment, providing a conclusive grasp of what democracy really is (or was), in an extensive study of the Greek city of Athens from which the democratic idea of a governmental system originated.
A United spokesman said Ferdinand has bruising to the toe, but added: "There is no conclusive evidence of a fracture.
A United spokesman said Ferdinand has bruising to the toe but added: "There is no conclusive evidence of a fracture.
This small a study is hardly conclusive, and considering that having the legal limit of alcohol in one's body hardly guarantees drunkenness, it verges on irresponsible and alarmist.