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a finding as to the applicability of a rule of law to particular facts

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The other school of thought, more commonly espoused by nongovernment attorneys, is that an agency cannot reject a conclusion of law unless the agency in question is applying some special expertise.
Also, alleging "evidential facts" was forbidden, although this was considered a much less serious transgression than alleging a conclusion of law.
1st DCA 2001), the court held that the Board of Dentistry lacked substantive jurisdiction to reject an administrative law judge's conclusion of law that grading sheets were inadmissible hearsay.
Among other matters, the Amended Scheduling Order sets out revised completion dates for Discovery and Depositions to December 31, 2010; a mandated Mediation to be held on or before February 18, 2011; Pre-Hearing service and filing of exhibits, lists of witnesses and experts, together with the list of issues to be addressed in the arbitration, plus proposed findings of fact and conclusion of law in the form of the award anticipated by the parties by March 18, 2011.
When rejecting or modifying such conclusion of law or interpretation of administrative rule, the agency must state with particularity its reasons for rejecting or modifying such conclusion of law or interpretation of administrative rule and must make a finding that its substituted conclusion of law or interpretation of administrative rule is as or more reasonable than that which was rejected or modified.
To view the "Findings of Fact, Conclusion of Law, and Administrative Consent Order" for Wachovia, please go to: http://www.
49) These earlier versions of the bill would have discouraged the agency's rejection or modification of such conclusions of law by requiring a reviewing court to award attorney's fees to the prevailing appellant if the court finds that the agency improperly rejected or modified a conclusion of law or an interpretation of an administrative rule over which the agency does not have substantive jurisdiction.
This action is taken to protect the interest of the shareholders of both companies as a result of a Rule 120 Motion, finding of fact, conclusion of law and order authorizing sale of certain real property in Black Hawk, Colo.
Prior to statutory changes to the APA in 1996 and 1999, agencies had been free to reject any conclusion of law within a recommended order.
A finding of fact may not be rejected based upon rejection of a conclusion of law.
Hopefully, the Court of Appeals will carefully analyze New Hampshire law to determine whether its attributes warrant the same conclusion of law which the U.
10) Simply, because an agency has the authority to reject or modify a conclusion of law in a recommended order does not empower it to reject or modify a finding of fact related to that conclusion of law, unless the agency adheres to the explicit standard for rejecting or modifying findings of fact.