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Synonyms for conclude

Synonyms for conclude

to bring or come to a natural or proper end

to bring about or come to an agreement concerning

to put into correct or conclusive form

to make up or cause to make up one's mind

to arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning

Synonyms for conclude

bring to a close

reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation

come to a close

reach agreement on

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In addition to the increased risks posed by speeding, the study concludes that driving while drowsy also triples the odds of being involved in an accident.
68-238, the 1969 ruling focuses on the employees' being called for active military service and concludes that the employment relationship had in fact "terminated" during the period of active duty service.
When the attorney's interest in the fee is sufficiently strong, some courts--those in the minority--have held that the attorney has a "property" interest exclusive of the client's interest; these courts conclude that the fee was never income to the client, only to the attorney.
The EPA concludes, "Some bottled water is treated more than tap water, while some is treated less or not at all.
Based on all the facts of record, the Board concludes that the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the organizations involved in the proposal are consistent with approval.
Therefore, they conclude that it remains uncertain if long-term use of lower doses of estrogen is associated with an elevated risk of ovarian cancer.
Berg concludes that contemporary appreciation of novelty fueled an industry of imitations of ancient and exotic designs and materials rendering semi-luxury goods available for broader middling consumption.
Okerson concludes the future is likely to be neither "catastrophe" nor "utopia" but "a little more of a muddle and a little less simple.
The article concludes with a discussion of the possible impact Dickerson could have on law enforcement.
Once a court concludes that a portion of a note violated the usury laws, the entire note must be held to be void.
District Judge Susan Webber Wright concludes after the exchange that ``If you want to know the truth, I'm not sure Mr.
Smith concludes that virtually all schools of environmentalist thought "have, in some way, to be measured against the backdrop of deep ecology, since they can be seen as variations .
Although various analyses disagree on the extent of future costs, they justify taking action "beyond no regrets" strategies, concludes the IPCC.
Estimation of the marginal tax rate also would require knowledge of when deferred tax liabilities or assets will be realized if an enterprise concludes a valuation allowance is necessary to reduce a deferred tax asset to an amount that is more likely than not to be realized.