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Synonyms for conclave

(secret or private) meeting

Synonyms for conclave

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a confidential or secret meeting

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The conclave has once again assembled the brightest leaders with their ideas, arguments and experiences that allow us to renew, reinvent and reimagine.
Tyagi, Chairman HAL said Let us give our best for the future through a fertile landscape of aerospace technologies and knowledge which will make India more self-reliant, competitive and develop leaders for giving shape to our national aerospace strategies , while urging the Conclave to think as one community to address the need for developing leaders in aerospace sector.
During our conclave in Little Rock, Arkansas, we plan to energize our efforts as it relates to the discussion on the future of our young men of color.
Services Conclave 2014, is the second edition of the ongoing initiative of the Union Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
One such conclave will be organized in USA and another in India to deliberate the issue of independence and autonomy of the institution of Akal Takht'', they said.
The bank said that it would conduct a banking conclave in order to bring together officials from the RBI and commercial banks.
Besides Rashid, the two other winners of the conclave this year are Zuwaina al Bad'I who runs Star of the Sea Tourism and Abdullah al Barashdi of Bab al Rayan.
On the sidelines of SAARC Business Leaders' Conclave Engr.
The leader of the Pakistani delegation, Iftikhar Ali Malik and other delegates will also address the sessions on the second day of conclave on January 18.
The dealings of the conclave, held in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, are noto-riously secret.
Louis Catholic School here erupted in cheers as Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson was elected the "new pope" during a mock conclave held at a gym-turned-"Sistine Chapel" March 4.
Summary: Vatican City: Cardinals prepared for a second day of conclave behind the Vatican's walls to .
Twitter concluded Wednesday (3-13-2013) its first ever conclave watch, and the
A similar course of events seems likely at the next conclave, the secret assembly of cardinals charged with electing the pope.
NNA - Roman Catholic cardinals will vote later on Friday on when to start a conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict, Reuters quoted the Vatican as saying said, adding that the balloting would most likely begin early next week.