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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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Concision CEO Daniel Roe said: "Since moving into Salvus House, we have seized significant opportunities as consultants helping businesses think about how they communicate themselves not just through writing but also through strategy.
My Poems Won't Change the World opens with poetry almost haiku-like in its concision and simplicity, proving Patrizia Cavalli a master of minimalism.
The brief deserves a solid A, for its clarity and concision, as well as for not rushing to judgment.
This new body of work allows Tweedy to open an ideal dialogue with certain past masters, including Italian abstractionists such as Alberto Magnelli and Enrico Prampolini, and to orient his own research toward greater refinement and concision.
Despite its concision, Winfield's book discusses the Logic's key-themes and transitions in considerable detail.
For the most part, the contributions are impressive in the amount of they manage to communicate with such concision.
El lenguaje visual y dramatico que ha desarrollado el realizador mexicano-uruguayo Rodrigo Pla estremece por su concision.
The analysis of the impact of the war on the modern world is much briefer and generally written with clarity and concision.
1, which is a model of concision (there's not even an extended cadenza) and possesses a melodic grace that never outstays its welcome.
Dans ses tableaux, Valentina Ghanem Pavlovskaya privilegie l'expression sur la narration, la concision sur la mise en scene.
It began as his doctoral dissertation years ago and advances the idea that great or moving poetry juxtaposes the desire to say more (plerosis) and speaks to universal truths on the one hand and the desire for concision and precision, if not purity, in language (kenosis).
For a poet whose concision bordered on the succinct, whose writing seems, at first, deceptively simple, his life proves that he was not a man of few words–rather, he was a man who chose them with extreme care.
El autor, con amplios estudios de teologia y bioetica, aborda en este libro, con concision y rigor, algunos de los elementos mas importantes de los debates actuales sobre eutanasia y asistencia al moribundo.
com)-- Concision Research, Inc is pleased to announce a recent relocation and expansion into metro Atlanta.
Fans of the lyrical King of Concision, Cynan Jones, will love his new novella on drug smuggling, Everything I Found on the Beach.