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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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Anders Sorman-Nilsson supported this belief, and said, "Once they achieve conciseness, I think it would be immoral to treat them as slaves without rights.
Edit them for conciseness, which can increase readability and save space.
Among his topics are the basic conventions of academic writing, putting sentences together, critical thinking, conciseness and clarity, and proofreading effectively.
Fler monograph deserves praise for its conciseness and clarity as well as for its ecumenical sensitivity and openness, but specialists in liturgical and sacramental theology will miss a perspective that points beyond the evident.
The next part of the webinar provides memorable tips for writing with clarity, conciseness, and power.
I have ventured to remedy the conciseness of their language, and to clothe the skeleton with flesh and blood'.
However, given its relative conciseness, Black's textbook is unlikely to meet the expectations of basic researchers working on the evolution, cell biology, and/or molecular microbiology of Chlamydia.
The main body of the book consists of the calendar archives of apprenticeships from 1513-1602, with repetitive phrasing condensed and some abbreviations used to aid conciseness.
Unlike a medical textbook in which a large and sometimes overwhelming amount of information is presented on a subject, the advantage of this book is its conciseness.
The articles' conciseness and clarity are brilliant.
The Patriarch called upon Arab countries to resort to their conciseness and stop demolishing their countries, saying "it's a shame on the Arab world which has embraced a tremendous culture to reach this state".
All submissions are edited for clarity, style and conciseness.
Once a publisher accepts a book - editors and translators polish manuscripts, make corrections and offer suggestions on conciseness, logic or word choice.
The editor reserves the right to publish letters in excerpted form and to edit them for conciseness and clarity
Papers also are assessed for originality1 scientific quality, environmental health significance1 clarity of presentation, and conciseness.