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Synonyms for conciliatory

Synonyms for conciliatory

making or willing to make concessions

intended to placate



References in classic literature ?
Once more I beg of you to let the matter drop," he continued in a tone that was now entirely conciliatory.
But he first procures himself a hearing by conciliatory words.
Sophia Antonovna lingered, talking in a friendly manner with an evident conciliatory intention.
Joe, who had ventured into the kitchen after me as the dust-pan had retired before us, drew the back of his hand across his nose with a conciliatory air when Mrs.
Nothing," -- the cardinal spoke in his most conciliatory manner -- "except to beg of you to forgive my unworthy suspicions.
Come, Hetty," said Martin Poyser, in a conciliatory tone, "go and get your supper i' the pantry, as the things are all put away; an' then you can come and take the little un while your aunt undresses herself, for she won't lie down in bed without her mother.
And she turned round towards Mademoiselle de la Valliere, whom she would by main force have dragged away from Montalais, and who, instead of obeying the impulse of Madame de Saint-Remy, looked first at her mother and then at Montalais with her beautiful conciliatory eyes.
ISLAMABAD -- Community and service-oriented policing is the only way to win public confidence and conciliatory committees would be made more effective to bridge gap between police and people .
Sultan Azam Temuri said Monday that conciliatory committees would be made more effective to bridge gap between police and people.
This was stated by Islamabad Police Inspector General of Dr Sultan Azam Temuri while addressing the members of Neighborhood Watch Committees, Conciliatory Committees and Human Rights Officers at National Library on Friday.
In such circumstances, police needs cooperation of the society on pattern of bodies like conciliatory committees so that petty disputes of people including domestic issues can be resolved through notables of the society with little coordination of police who has been already assigned several tasks.
ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Superintendent Police (Rural), Dr Mustafa Tanveer, said on Tuesday that the conciliatory committee system is the best way to handle the cases of minor nature since it helps police to save its precious time and focus on important tasks of public welfare.
Theresa May's conciliatory words are to be welcomed and hopefully this movement will lead to a breakthrough in negotiations.
Summary: Monday's conciliatory statements from ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Speaker Nabih Berri focused on the need to do everything possible to prevent any internal strife among Lebanese parties and sects, especially as a result of the tensions created between March 8 and March 14 over the Gulf spat.
The comments struck a more conciliatory note after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's outright rejection of a proposal from lenders last week, and suggested Athens is willing to make concessions despite anger within the ruling Syriza party over the austerity cuts needed to secure a deal.