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Synonyms for conciliatory

Synonyms for conciliatory

making or willing to make concessions

intended to placate



References in classic literature ?
Once more I beg of you to let the matter drop," he continued in a tone that was now entirely conciliatory.
It was less trouble to lie still, and say in a conciliatory tone, "Tell me some more about this good boy, it 's very interesting.
Witnesses could testify to the conciliatory words which he had spoken to her in their presence.
I think if it had been a fine day I would have gone soberly to the Gasthof and written the conciliatory letter; but the temptation was too great, it was altogether irresistible, and in ten minutes I had found the gate, opened it with some difficulty, and was standing with a beating heart in the garden of my childhood.
Any ship is that--for a reasonable man," generalized Marlow in a conciliatory tone.
He winced at my approach, with an expression of aversion and instinctive physical fear anything but conciliatory to my feelings.
The comrade with the martial red moustache hurried towards Razumov full of conciliatory intentions in his strong buzzing voice.
Sophia Antonovna lingered, talking in a friendly manner with an evident conciliatory intention.
At length Joe returned--very talkative and conciliatory, as though with a strong presentiment that he was going to be found fault with.
asked Mr Meagles at once with frankness and moderation, and with a conciliatory appeal in his tone.
And solely looking at it,' said her husband, making the stipulation at once in a conciliatory, complimentary, and argumentative tone--'as I am sure you will agree, my love-- from a fellow-creature point of view, my dear.
The out-of-court mediation process in Lithuania is regulated by the Law of Conciliatory Mediation in Civil Disputes.
If clients feel the deduction was wrong they may qualify to receive a conciliatory payment.
South Korean President Lee Myung Bak said Tuesday that members of six-party talks need to take a united action against North Korea to end its nuclear ambitions at a time when Pyongyang is showing a conciliatory approach on a bilateral basis.
The growing inter-Arab mediation role played by Turkey, and best illustrated by the latest conciliatory moves made by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu between Baghdad and Damascus recalls to mind the close relations that linked Arab states with the Ottoman Empire in the past, managing editor Sateh Noureddin said Wednesday in the leftist daily AS SAFIR.