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This is possible only if the conciliator can see beyond the partisan perceptions and conflicting expectations and visualize solution propositions which can lead to sustainable outcomes informed by legality and constitutionality.
Both the pilots and the federal conciliator asked the carrier to continue the process, but the airline is said to have refused.
Peter Harwood, chief conciliator with the Acas mediation service, confirmed that he had presented his proposals to the two sides following talks with the TUC union umbrella group.
A gifted doctor and natural conciliator, she devoted her professional life to the service of others, first as a social worker and then as an Internal Medicine physician.
Chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "We will be using all of our expertise in any way we can to help the parties reach a resolution.
We finished on Tuesday without reaching agreement and the conciliator has asked both parties to submit details of certain matters prior to the matter been referred to the Labour Court.
The Executive Secretary shall notify the parties of the day and time on which a hearing at which the parties or their attorneys-in-fact shall proceed to nominate a conciliator or several conciliators.
Finnair and the Finnish Pilots' Association (FFL) said they had accepted a peace settlement plan from Esa Lonka, the national conciliator.
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield wasn't always a conciliator.
Daschle, 60, is a "natural conciliator," said Len Nichols, who worked in Clinton's administration and is head of the health policy center at the New America Foundation in Washington.
Howard Baker; conciliator in an age of crisis, 2d ed.
The man is thoughtful, and he's a natural conciliator, and after the last eight years, I think we need a real conciliator rather than someone who promises to make Washington less partisan, as George W.
Koh Santepheap, which has the second-largest circulation in Cambodia, blazed: ''Another message alerts the prince: acting as a conciliator while his own party splits and the family becomes fragile.
So for the next 16 years, Dolley's house would not only be the center of Washington life, it would be a place where Dolley, always a conciliator, would make everybody feel comfortable, and where people of opposing ideas could socialize and talk amicably.
Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt urged both sides to meet conciliator Acas last night as the backlog grew to 50million letters and parcels.