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The regulations have been finalised by the Corporatisation and Compliance Department of SECP and the commission would maintain a panel of certified mediators or conciliators for this purpose.
For the seasoned conciliator, the challenge is to see the issues on the table through the eyes of the interacting stakeholders and to try and steer their expectations into a zone of workable agreements by helping them to recognize areas of congruence and divergence through a process of iterative engagement.
Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "I am encouraged that the parties are still positively engaged in the process.
Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "I am pleased to announce that it has been agreed by the contractors and Unite to extend the validity of the ballot period until next Friday, April 20.
Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "This is a complex process and all parties remain committed on this path to securing a positive way forward.
Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "After 24 hours of discussions over two days between Unite and the six fuel distribution contractors, talks adjourned at 10pm this evening with the parties agreeing to meet again with Acas next Tuesday.
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) has provided a conciliator to work with both parties for over two months and a mediator is currently assisting the two parties with their negotiations.
Both sides have been in discussions assisted by a federally-appointed conciliator since November 2011 following the rejection of a first tentative agreement reached in May 2011, the carrier said.
Negotiations for a new collective agreement for the cabin staff ended without agreement and National Conciliator Esa Lonka could not make any settlement proposal, the airline said.
The speaker for the event was Howard Paskin who with over 17 years experience as a conciliator now runs employment related training sessions for ACAS.
Peter Harwood, chief conciliator at Acas, said Unite, as well as two other unions involved in the dispute, Prospect and the Public and Commercial Services union, will ballot their members with a recommendation to accept.
Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "This is a very damaging dispute for all concerned.
Peter Harwood, chief conciliator with the Acas mediation service, confirmed that he had presented his proposals to the two sides following talks with the TUC union umbrella group.
Chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: "We will be using all of our expertise in any way we can to help the parties reach a resolution.
We finished on Tuesday without reaching agreement and the conciliator has asked both parties to submit details of certain matters prior to the matter been referred to the Labour Court.