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a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel

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He could not have escaped by the door, which is narrow, and on the threshold of which the concierge stood with the lamp, while her husband and I searched for him in every corner of the little room, where it is impossible for anyone to hide himself.
My concierge had never been to the Opera--this is, the first time--and, as she is now going to come every night, I wanted her to have a good seat, before spending her time showing other people to theirs.
Moncharmin asked what he meant and Richard answered that he had persuaded his concierge, in whom he had the greatest confidence, to come and take Mme.
The daughter of my concierge would not hesitate for a moment.
His fellow concierges represent hotels in Scotland, the North East and South West.
He currently oversees the daily operations of concierges, call center and operations.
Since then, the company's commitment to SERVICE and customer satisfaction has allowed Capitol Concierge to flourish -- it now employs over 350 concierges who service more than 100,000 people.
Today, Newman oversees a team of over a dozen highly trained former hotel concierges who attend to nearly 350 calls each day.
Concierges are willing--and have been known to--throw rose petals on your bed, find a suit of armor and a white horse so you can propose to your sweetheart, comb through garbage in the bowels of the hotel to find your lost papers, or track down your stolen antique set of golf clubs.
Some corporate concierges work in the same buildings as their clients, but Jones does not.
VIPdesk concierges will work from their home-offices located throughout the U.
The company, which employees a full time staff of over a dozen concierges, also uses high tech software programs to track residents' requests and create profiles which help the concierges anticipate the residents' every need.
The Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) is sponsoring its First Annual Concierge Tour for members of the New York Association of Hotel Concierges June 25 with Barbara Adler, executive director of the Columbus Avenue BID and Dr.
I am pleased to announce that 2008 is a milestone for the organization, marking ten years of steadily growing the National Concierge Association to it's current status as a world-class network of Concierges of all types and a vast variety of affiliated businesses," stated NCA Founder and President, Sara-ann Kasner.