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a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel

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Were introducing this innovative concierge service to help patients navigate the complexity of clinical trials, while providing support designed to enable them to better understand trials and the trial process, participation logistics and technologies, said Niklas Morton, senior vice president of site and patient access for PPD.
Not according to Joanna Husk, who has been a concierge at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco for almost 28 years and is a member of Les Clefs d'Or USA, the US chapter of the global trade association for hotel concierges.
The vilification of the female concierge in twentieth-century French literature is perhaps nowhere as blatant as in two seldom-discussed literary works: Rene Fallet's novel Paris au mois d'aout (1964) and Andre de Richaud's 1950's short story "Echec a la concierge.
Halaseh kicked off her career at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman in January 2011 as a concierge agent.
Concierge Medicine provides the ideal delivery model for the future of predictive medicine," says trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today.
Seoul will host an international gathering of hotel concierges in 2018, according to related organizations, Wednesday.
Les Gilfilan, who is based at The Richmond Hotel Liverpool will fly the flag for Liverpool and the North of England at the awards in October as the only regional representative in the Morris Golden Keys Concierge Awards 2014.
As part of his research, McCollum began looking into concierge benefits.
By acquiring the minority interest in Janus Cam, Concierge is able to bring 100% of that revenue stream back onto the income statement.
All tenants, guests and employees at Headquarters Plaza now have access to the services of a full-time concierge supplied by Chapman Concierge, who can help them with both business and personal tasks.
Some physicians looking for the steady income and slower pace of concierge medicine who have not wanted to give up their traditional practice have found a new solution: a hybrid practice that lets them devote a small percentage to the retainer side while keeping their roster of traditional patients.
Travel Business Review-October 13, 2010--Premier Inn Offers Twitter Concierge Service(C)2010] ENPublishing - http://www.
FOUR SEASONS Hotel Beirut offers more than just a place for pampered travellers to rest and unwind taking service to a higher, more exclusive level with a concierge team it claims can achieve the impossible.