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the collection and study of mollusc shells

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Reeve, meanwhile, was apprenticed to a grocer at the age of 13, but became interested in conchology when a sailor visited the shop in Ludgate Hill and sold him conch shells he had brought back from a South Seas voyage.
There are plenty of light shell collector's references on the market, but if one seeks a serious shell science packed with full-page color photos and conchology facts, Shells-Muscheln-Coquillages is the item of choice.
Ewan lists his hobby as motorbikes while former England cricketer Derek Pringle dabbles in conchology, the study of sea shells.
Overnight his world became shells, conchology, the phylum Mollusca.
Conversely, certain types of natural history materials did not survive this process of dissemination: lack of audience interest meant that fields other than ornithology and botany were less well developed, and two fields with large followings in antebellum America, mineralogy and conchology, failed to transfer to post-war generations, at least in part because they lacked the attractive images that endeared ornithology and botany to so many.
However, as a result of its recent acquisition of Conchology, Inc.
The Mineral Conchology of Great Britain; or Coloured Figures and Descriptions of Those Remains of Testaceous Animals or Shells Which Have Been Preserved at Various Times and Depths in the Earth, 1, 1-19.
Bibliography of North American Conchology Previous to the Year 1860, Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Part I, 650 pp.
Another 996 celebrities have made it for the first time, including modern art icon Damien Hirst and former England cricketer Derek Pringle, who dabbles in conchology, the study of sea shells.
OTC BB:WAMX), an internet and technology company dedicated to creating and dominating an efficient alternative market and exchange for individual and institutional investors, today announced that the Company has successfully completed the acquisition of Conchology, Inc.
They decided to name the creature Selenochlamys ysbryda, partly from the Welsh word ysbryd meaning ghost, a name which appears with the species' description in June's edition of the Journal of Conchology.
Tryon's Manual of Conchology, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 366 pp.