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the collection and study of mollusc shells

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Reeve, meanwhile, was apprenticed to a grocer at the age of 13, but became interested in conchology when a sailor visited the shop in Ludgate Hill and sold him conch shells he had brought back from a South Seas voyage.
In 2010, Rawlings won the Grand Prix from the French Association of Conchology at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes, France.
Delaney [begins her life's work] at 72, she wondered whether she was up to the detective work required that "would combine the skill sets of mind-reader, forensic art historian, psychologist, biologist, all with expertise in landscape in papermaking, in 18th-century collecting, in botany, in conchology.
Ian Wallace, NML's curator of conchology and aquatic biology, has been researching the Liver Bird for 20 years.
Professor Julius von Haast wrote in 1881 about acquiring specimens from Lommel for the Canterbury Museum collection in New Zealand: "In 1862, at my suggestion, the Provincial Council voted [pounds sterling]100 for the purchase of type collections in mineralogy, lithology, palaeontology, and conchology, which were obtained from the Mineralien Comptoir in Heidelberg, Germany, under very favourable conditions.
There are plenty of light shell collector's references on the market, but if one seeks a serious shell science packed with full-page color photos and conchology facts, Shells-Muscheln-Coquillages is the item of choice.
Journals of botany, entomology, conchology, ornithology, geology and paleontology were founded catering to more specialized interests.
The elements of fossil conchology, according to the arrangement of Lamarck; with the newly established genera of other authors.
about] Roman emperors, mediaeval schisms, early British manufactures, Philippa of Hainault, Flemish woolen stuffs, Magna Charta, the sidereal heavens, Luther, Newton, Huss, Galileo, Calvin, Loyola, Sir Robert Walpole, Cardinal Wolsey, conchology, Arianism in the Early Church, trial by jury, Habeas Corpus, zoology, Mr Pitt, the American war, Copernicus, Confucius, Mahomet, Harvey, Jenner, Lycurgus, and Catherine of Aragon.
Her interests included conchology and she donated her large collection of Mollusca and its accompanying library to Portland State University.
This book is liberally peppered with scholarly vignettes by specialist contributors in a wide range of topics from conchology, steam engine construction, Aboriginal art, horology and of course a section on Phar Lap, possibly the most famous and most visited museum exhibit in Australia.
Ewan lists his hobby as motorbikes while former England cricketer Derek Pringle dabbles in conchology, the study of sea shells.
Overnight his world became shells, conchology, the phylum Mollusca.
Conversely, certain types of natural history materials did not survive this process of dissemination: lack of audience interest meant that fields other than ornithology and botany were less well developed, and two fields with large followings in antebellum America, mineralogy and conchology, failed to transfer to post-war generations, at least in part because they lacked the attractive images that endeared ornithology and botany to so many.