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the collection and study of mollusc shells

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Oldroyd were the resident conchologists and both were able to add extensively to their collections with Oldroyd's local collection passing 500 hundred species (Ritter 1902a).
This research was supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, the Cole-Ocean Ventures Fund (WHOI), a Tropical Research Initiative grant from the Ocean Life Institute at WHOI, and grants from SeaSpace and Conchologists of America.
Shell collectors from all over America come to these white beaches for what conchologists declare to be some of best collecting shores in the world.
Most of us, I suppose, have been conchologists at some time.
Mr Lightbourn said: 'There are quite a number of shell clubs around the world and probably the biggest is the Conchologists of America.
Especially in groups exhibiting great variation in color pattern and shell morphology, early conchologists tended to describe almost every minor variety as a species.
In 1890, she was a founding member of the short-lived organization called the American Association of Conchologists.
35) The Stanford box contains material associated with the American Association of Conchologists including a letter its President John Campbell sent to Williamson, dated May 5, 1890, welcoming her as the first lady member of the association (Keen 1981).
The study was financially supported by a grant from the Conchologists of America, Inc.
Holmes, "harem j" of FHL, and acknowledges support from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada) and the Conchologists of America.
Holmes, "harem j" of Friday Harbor Laboratories, and support from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada) and the Conchologists of America.
This research was generously supported by the Lerner-Gray Fund for Marine Research, a Conchologists of America Research Grant, and a Grant-in-Aid of Research from Sigma-Xi, and The Scientific Research Society awarded to J.
NSF grant 9903030 to David Jablonski, the Conchologists of America, the Link Foundation and Smithsonian Marine Station, and the University of Chicago Hinds and Gurley Funds provided additional support.