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the collection and study of mollusc shells

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He also wrote numerous popular articles for The Strandloper, the bulletin of the Conchological Society of Southern Africa, of which he was patron for many years.
Apart from clear conchological differences, the animal is differently coloured (reddish orange instead of colourless/whitish), the genital anatomy differs in various details, and the species has ground-dwelling rather than arboreal habits.
However, this is the only significant conchological difference between this material and typical C.
Conservation efforts, however, are hindered by poor taxonomy and phenotypic plasticity in conchological features (Campbell et al.
The genus occupies conchological morphospace somewhat intermediate between that of typical Euchelus and Granata.
The lead author was supported by the PhD grant FCT-SFRH/ BD/23231/2005 and thanks the Systematics Research Fund and the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland for logistical funding for this research.
Philadelphia: Conchological Department of Academy of Natural Sciences.
Notes: We have been unable to identify any morphological characters, either conchological or anatomical, which serve to distinguish this subspecies from the nominotypical one.
We are aware, however, that some of the conchological characters of this coastal lineage may relate to environmental conditions, particularly edaphic characters (calcium-rich soils) and this is a topic requiring further study.