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Prasad has narrowed his focus to three instruments of sound that are found in Hindu worship: conch shells, bells and gongs.
She learned that Hopi and Zuni used conch shell trumpets to manifest the voice of the plumed serpent, a deity who lives underground and caused the earth to quake and volcanoes to erupt.
For generations there would be music, drums, horns and conch shells blaring out in appreciation of the entertainment the players were providing.
New Wave Ocean from Villeroy & Boch takes its cue from conch shells on both the top and underside of its new dinnerware.
The performers sing and dance to Tigger Benford's East/West fusion score for gamelan instruments, shakuhachi flute, synthesizer, and conch shells.
WOODEN war trumpets and conch shells blared out a fanfare as bare-chested warriors performed a dawn Maori war dance to launch New Zealand's first nationwide Maori-language television service.
There are numerous other, readily- available jet lag remedies, including food supplements packed with vitamins,aromatherapy oils which are supposed to help you to synchronise with the local time zone,and homeopathic tablets which contain intriguing aids such as conch shells.
During a raucous July 31 canonization of Juan Diego, to whom the Virgin of Guadalupe is said to have appeared in the 16th century, Aztec dancers, conch shells and native rattles electrified the normally staid ritual.
1 Snake and lizard skin products 2 Chinese medicine animal products 3 Queen conch shells 4 Live plants and bulbs 5 Coral6 Elephant ivory and skin products 7 Alligator and crocodile products 8 Tortoises and terrapins 9 Live parrots, snakes and lizards 10 CaviarBased on seizures made by UK customs officials between April 2001 and March 2002.
Along with his voice, he uses conch shells, guitar, mbira, drum, medieval bagpipe and the flute to help tell his stories.
They had visited holy sites seeking signs, conducted ancient rituals with conch shells, and prayed.
The monks stared at the lake using binoculars to scan for auspicious signs while chanting Buddhist mantras and conducting rituals with conch shells.
Scene A, located in the lower left half of FIGURES 1 & 2, depicts the exchange of conch shells between Iguana and an attendant figure and a larger kneeling figure under a gabled roof structure.
Most shells are associated with burials, while shells of the Caribbean helmet, Cassis tuberosa, were used as horns and musical instruments, and part of the queen conch shells were used as spoons (Pastor(2)).
One of the things that they've done is, right before the gospel alleluia, two men come forward in Samoan dress and blow conch shells, because in Samoa the conch shell is blown before an important announcement in the village.