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any of various edible tropical marine gastropods of the genus Strombus having a brightly-colored spiral shell with large outer lip

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Gariaband (Chhattisgarh) [India] February 9 ( ANI ): Another world record was created on the second day of Rajim Kumbh Mela after over 2,100 saints and locals played conch shells 'shankh' together in Chhattisgarh's Gariaband.
The protest worked, and the roadblock was removed, though the Conch Republic lives on.
Shell shape variation of queen conch Strombus gigas (Mesograstropoda: Strombidae) from Southwest Caribbean
ABSTRACT Queen conch (Lobatus gigas) populations living deeper than 20 m are rarely studied, because of the limitations of conventional survey methods using divers [i.
One of the long-term research topics addressed by students in topical courses such as Marine Resource Management and through directed research has been the health of the Caribbean queen conch (Strombus gigas) fishery.
The sea snails save their jumping for conch emergencies, such as when they detect dissolved body odor from the deadly cone snail Conus marmoreus.
Strombus gigas is the host mollusc for conch pearls, and indeed pink and orange coral beads are occasionally mistaken for conch pearls (Farn, 1986, cited by Fritsch and Misiorowski, 1987).
It wasn't immediately clear how much fish the boat was carrying some 80 miles (128 kilometers) south of Andros, where conch, lobster and snapper are the mainstay of the local economy.
I liked the idea of placing fantasy inside a recognisable setting, and the small, friendly Conch Cafe where some of the action takes place is similar to many cafes in my home city of Melbourne.
The queen conch (Strombus gigas Linnaeus, 1758) is a marine gastropod that inhabits the tropical western Atlantic including the Keys.
The US buys 95% of Belize's queen conch harvest, but in March 2012 the WildEarth Guardians, a non-governmental organization in Denver, Col.
Augustine Conch House Wahoo Challenge on March 18, a completely different tournament with a separate winner's purse.
Popular Gulf Island seafood restaurant specializing in Carribean seafood dishes, grouper, steaks, paella, conch.
When Nicolee says goodbye to Terry, leaving to return to her mother and sister far away, she gives her one last special gift: a conch shell so she will always be able to hear the ocean.