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someone who holds or operates a concession

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Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, park concessioner Xanterra constructed a small greenhouse atop its gift shop, and started a small vegetable garden a mile off-site to compensate for the region's scarcity of fresh produce.
Macedonian Deputy Finance Minister Tahir Hani confirmed the failure of the tender but expressed hope that a concessioner will appear in the next tender.
At the same time, the high proportion of concessioner external financing kept debt service down.
I he nation's largest park concessioner is committed to ensuring it leaves the softest possible footprint at its 31 hotels and lodges, 55 retail stores, 6B restaurants, three marinas, 10 golf courses, about 1,700 campsites and its latest acquisition, a cruise line.
NPS concessioner or contractor operations or services.
We put out the first Kurdish sex magazine, named "Khud" (self), in 40 pages", Azad Jalal, the Concessioner of the periodical said Monday.
SHDE, the incumbent concessioner, protests the agency's evaluation of proposals.
Ford undertook an 18-month restoration of the buses in 2000 as a participant in the Proud Partner of America's National Parks program, a partnership between Ford, the National Park Foundation, the Glacier National Park Service and concessioner Glacier Park Inc.
As a national park concessioner, it is important to us to conduct business in a way that helps protect the park and local area," says Michael Cobbold, the company's environmental coordinator.
For rooms in Glacier, call the park concessioner at (406) 226-5551 until fall.
As a life-long concessioner in Lassan and Glacier national parks, Hummel has axes to grind, but many of his points are on target.
Forever Resorts, the park concessioner, also converted its bus fleet to propane.
NPS is seeking a concessioner who will provide safe, environmentally-friendly boat transportation as well as a high-quality visitor welcome and orientation to Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the National Park Service, and the Port of San Francisco.
Bulgarian Company "Minstroy" officially became the new concessioner of "Zletovo" and "Toranica" mines, and decided to keep all employees and compensate their unsettled salaries.