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someone who holds or operates a concession


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Under provision of additional land to the Concessionaire, land rent has been reduced from 200% to 120% of the applicable scale of rates for the proposed additional land.
The FCDA is designed to allow the concessionaires to recover losses or give back gains resulting from the fluctuations in the value of the peso against other currencies.
The Regional Development Ministry is also looking for concessionaires to manage the beaches Elenite 1 and Elenite 2, with the annual fee for the bigger beach amounting to a minimum of BGN 134 479, VAT excluded, while the minimum fee for the smaller one stands at BGN 4787, VAT excluded.
In view of the prevailing lack of interest among prospective bidders for highway projects under the PPP mode and difficulties faced in achieving financial closure for such projects awarded in the recent past in an already subdued investment climate, it was decided that existing concessionaires, both in case of completed and on-going projects, be permitted to divest their equity in totality.
In the photo above, Lohr's certified TIPS trainer, Gerry Armstrong, (center) leads concessionaires through the two-hour training program on the responsible selling and serving of alcohol.
b2 business systems was named Concessionaire of the Year by Xerox.
But concessionaires are always trying new things and if they sell, they keep them, and drop them if they don't.
In order not to push up the cost of tolls on the Severn Bridge and several other bridges elsewhere in the country, the Government decided it would reimburse the cost of the VAT to the bridge concessionaire.
Concessionaires at DEN are required to follow a `market price' policy, meaning their prices for any given item cannot be more than lo% above the `street price' for a comparable item.
And they have formed a new group called the Kwik Save/Somerfield Concessionaires to lead the campaign.
The 600 or so park concessionaires who hold contracts distributed by the federal government raked in gross revenues of about $564 million in 1990 through their exclusive right to hawk hamburgers, trinkets, hotel rooms, gasoline, film, tours, and more.
These concessions can be of great value both to the landlords who share in the income from these machines as well as to the concessionaires.
The adjustment is based on the performance, expenses, earnings, unrecovered investments and service improvement plans of the water concessionaires.
The new draft text has however met some resistance, with its opponents saying it would constitute a blow to acting concessionaires at water deposits.