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someone who holds or operates a concession


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The UUOA, developed in close collaboration with the 11 concessionaires, represents a fair agreement for all parties involved in the two areas.
The Regional Development Ministry is also looking for concessionaires to manage the beaches Elenite 1 and Elenite 2, with the annual fee for the bigger beach amounting to a minimum of BGN 134 479, VAT excluded, while the minimum fee for the smaller one stands at BGN 4787, VAT excluded.
In 2012, BQR won yet another top-level award for work performed for SAT's concessionaires -- a unique boarding pass advertising campaign running with several major air carriers including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways.
In view of the prevailing lack of interest among prospective bidders for highway projects under the PPP mode and difficulties faced in achieving financial closure for such projects awarded in the recent past in an already subdued investment climate, it was decided that existing concessionaires, both in case of completed and on-going projects, be permitted to divest their equity in totality.
Westfield will select concessionaires subject to LAWA approval and design, develop and oversee construction of concession and related spaces.
In the photo above, Lohr's certified TIPS trainer, Gerry Armstrong, (center) leads concessionaires through the two-hour training program on the responsible selling and serving of alcohol.
Both Hoodoo and American Land and Leisure are big concessionaires that know their business, and they can submit well-prepared bids for permits.
b2 business systems was named Concessionaire of the Year by Xerox.
But concessionaires are always trying new things and if they sell, they keep them, and drop them if they don't.
Concessions had to be abandoned, and the would-be concessionaires lost the money they had invested while the government absorbed their debts on the projects.
In order not to push up the cost of tolls on the Severn Bridge and several other bridges elsewhere in the country, the Government decided it would reimburse the cost of the VAT to the bridge concessionaire.
Alexon is one of a number of concessionaires in Allders, whose directors called in administrators last night after failing to overcome tough trading conditions and to find a buyer for the 143-year-old business.
The log price in the country averages Rp 500,000 per m3, while the log production cost, excluding taxes and levies, is no less than Rp 500,000, meaning that concessionaires get no margin profit from their business.
FERRARI and Maserati distributor Maranello Concessionaires played a key role in the worldwide success of the Italian luxury car manufacturer during 2000.