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a composition for orchestra and a soloist

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The musicians at Kothen were excellent instrumentalists, and the concertos were written with their virtuosity in mind.
Other concertos interweave the music of soloist and orchestra, creating interesting dialogues, sounds and textures.
Under the baton of Bramwell Tovey, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra will present a program consisting of Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto, Saint Saens's Organ Symphony and Stephen Chatman's Over Thorns to Stars.
But its overt lyricism and resemblance to the fiddle concertos of Sibelius and Barber have caused some to disregard the work as insubstantial.
Only about half of Lebrun's concertos were published during his lifetime, probably under some degree of authorial supervision.
Jill Crowther, the other featured oboist, also makes much of the concertos by John Gardner and Kenneth Leighton, composers who followed to some extent in VW's footsteps without actually sounding like him.
The opening movement of the Piano Concerto in A minor, a staple of the piano concerto repertoire and therefore having many alternative rivals, is famous for its dramatic opening drum roll and cascading crescendos from the piano.
Other concertos have the cello in the foreground but Dvorak's is more dynamic.
Selections on the program include "Totentanz" for piano by Franz Liszt, violin concertos by Jean Sibelius and Henryk Wieniawski, cello concertos by Anton'n Dvor[sz]k and Edward Elgar, piano concertos by Francis Poulenc and Sergei Rachmaninoff, a horn concerto by W.
Benda wrote a series of sonatas, sonatinas and concertos for keyboard instruments, seven of which were printed.
Bach's multiple keyboard concertos, those for three and four keyboards in particular, one of the solo parts clearly predominates in technical display and musical weightiness, while another solo part might have a perfunctory or supportive role, with less technical challenges.
Yet Bell has hardly forsaken tradition, recording warhorse concertos by Goldmark, Sibelius, Beethoven and Mendelssohn for Sony.
2) In his memoirs, Carl Flesch remembered that the Paris Conservatoire used French School concertos as test pieces as late as the 1890s.
Rachmaninov Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 3 Lugansky (Warner Classics) *** Russian pianist Nikolai Lugansky's recording of the Rachmaninov Preludes received the Diapason d'Or de L'annee in 2001 and he will surely receive many more accolades for this the first CD release of a complete Rachmaninov Concerto cycle.
It is more symphonic in structure and tone than the clarinet concertos and, while still entertaining, sounds more commonplace than the accompanying works.