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a baroque composition for orchestra and a group of solo instruments

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Prime examples in this respect are the mentioned ballet mime The Pied Piper (1939), the Concerto grosso for two violins, cello and orchestra with piano obbligato (1941) and the later Chamber Sinfonietta (1945).
Its musicians will be bringing string players from across the region together for a massed performance of Vaughan Williams' Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra at Symphony Hall at noon tomorrow.
The "Virtuosi Italiani" program also includes the regional premiere of Pietro Nardini's Flute Concerto in D Major, a string sinfonia by Giovanni Battista Sammartini, and a concerto grosso by Pietro Locatelli.
In the second set you heard from the Bachs' contemporaries - Vivaldi's Concerto "Alla Rustica," Albinoni's "Adagio G-moll," Geminiani's Concerto Grosso on the theme "Follia," and of course the Handel.
2, as he did in the sophisticated textures of Handel's Concerto Grosso Op.
The programme of music for the evening includes Epiphany music and carols for choir and organ with Bach Cantatas 72, 73 and parts of 111 and 156 and an orchestral item, Handel Concerto Grosso, Opus 6 No 1.
The festive programme will include Corelli's Christmas Concerto - Concerto Grosso in G minor, Bach's Christmas Oratorio and highlights from Handel's Messiah.
As usual, I came away from the album unable to tell remember one piece from another, except in the case of the opening work, the Concerto grosso a 10 strumenti, per violino principlae, 2 corni da caccia, tympano, 2 oboi, 2 violini, alto viola con basso, RV 562a.
Within three years the eight-dancer company had taken on challenges as diverse as Jose Limon's formal Vivaldi Concerto Grosso, Anna Sokolow's angst-ridden Steps of Silence, and the lush lyricism of Nocturne by Donald McKayle.
En su estudio sobre la novela Concierto barroco, Mercedes Gonzalez Kreysa (1998) propone una estructura compuesta por dos voces contrastantes correspondientes a dos puntos de vista de analisis: el punto de vista de la fuga y el punto de vista del concerto grosso.
The original overture has not survived and is replaced in this recording by the opening movement of Handel's Concerto Grosso Op.
This led to his first symphonic work, the neoclassical Concerto Grosso (1931), first performed in Germany in 1933 but not in Palestine until 1939, where it was included in a concert of Jewish music.
This is really a study of orchestral practice, repertory and musical taste in this period of transition: it shows how a more treble-dominated style replaced the concerto grosso style and how the structure of the orchestra itself was to change accordingly.
The seven chapters on Stradella's music are packed with information, providing general readers with access to the exotic world of Seicento music-making, music analysts with useful data about the genesis of the concerto grosso and the ensemble sonata, and performers of early music with enough qualitative assessment of Stradella's works to encourage a bolder exploration of them than hitherto.