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In 2004 one of the things we realized after we'd done two years of concertizing, particularly in the summer, it got really hot in there, in that concert hall.
Jonke remembers his mother as a fine pianist, barred from a career only because her nerves could not stand the strain and excitement of concertizing.
Although she does not support herself through concertizing, her evening performances at Grand Isle leave little doubt that she has the artistry essential for such a career.
At 80, Marceau is still able to molt from joyful to tragic to droll in the blink of an eye, and he insists that it is only his relentless life of solo concertizing that is over.
Once again Sarasota hosts six of the most talented youth orchestras in the nation (including kids from California, Orlando, Houston, Louisville, Omaha and Pittsburgh) for a week of intensive training and concertizing, June 23-30.
He brought the completion to my musical journey as far as recording, writing music and concertizing,'' she said.
And yet Hampson can just as easily remind us why he is so acclaimed: his crisp diction, rich tone, and interpretive sensitivity rival any singer concertizing today.
Lazar Weiner was a living link to the East European concertizing tradition.
Gould withdrew from concertizing for many reasons, the most compelling of which was his belief that the age of live performance had ended.
Recently, I had the pleasure of observing a great concertizing pianist in a master class given to three advanced college students.
With the increased emphasis on functional music, Breivik notes that concertizing activities were valued less by composers in the 1920s, in favor of non-traditional outlets for musical expression.
With all his concertizing, Nezet-Seguin hasn't had much time for opera.
In the summer of 2001, after completing a 60-year career as a church organist, Frederick Swann retired from church work in order to devote his full time to concertizing.
In 1933 the rudiments of the song were first heard by John Jacob Niles, recorded by him, and printed in textual form by him during five years of concertizing (www.
How wonderful it is to have these fine musicians concertizing once again, and how wonderful it is to have a recording that so richly captures the magic