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He studied and worked in Paris from 1840 to 1853; concertized in the West Indies from 1857 to 1863 and in the States from 1862 to 1865.
Since then, it has concertized regularly in Toronto and on tours throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.
This was the period when chamber music, as the term indicates, was still a private matter; aristocrats routinely concertized at home.
He concertized widely and was especially noted for his brilliant and sensitive performances of Mozart's music, which he emulated in his own compositions.
In Warsaw, he was familiar with the music of Maria Szymanowska (1789--1831), a virtuoso pianist who concertized throughout Europe and went to live in St.
Were the jatis, forerunners of the present-day ragas, rendered only during theatrical performances, or were they concertized widely?
If Bikel popularized a folk sound and Schlamme concertized, Ruth Rubin was the purist.
The Oslo Accords rearranged, critics would say concertized, the unequal power relationship between the PLO, Israel and the United States.
13) Pianist Olga Samaroff, who concertized extensively in Europe and America from 1905 to 1925, observed: "During all the years of my career as a woman pianist at least eighty percent of my press reviews either stated that I played like a man, or alluded to my playing like a woman.
Hufsey, who became a major heartthrob in the 80s as Christopher on TV's "Fame" and who wowed screaming teen girls as Emilio on "Days of Our Lives" into the early 90s, then concertized around the world--including drawing 75,000 people in Israel--is also set to sing "Better Man" in one of the episodes of the show.
The lengthy of piano part was skillfully rendered by Hiroko Sato, who has concertized in Asia and Europe and is a teacher as well as a performer.
Bloom and Mary Jane Rupert have concertized across the world, with concert tours in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and throughout the United States.
Bloom and pianist/harpist Mary Jane Rupert (the Duo "2") concertized across the Midwest and Southeastern United States in fall 2013, performing music by active American composers Richard Nelson (Play of Light, 2010) and Elizabeth Vercoe (Kleemation, 2003, and Butterfly Effects, 2008), the rarely-heard Sonata, Opus 22, by Marion Bauer (transcribed for alto flute by Peter Bloom), and songs by Amy Beach (with mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato).
The von Hagen family concertized extensively, and the Tenor Concerto was a frequently performed work, primarily by Albertus, who performed on multiple instruments but made a specialty of the viola.
Becker has concertized and participated in the many functions of AGO as well as composed choral music for the Lutheran service.