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coiled barbed wire used as an obstacle

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free-reed instrument played like an accordion by pushing its ends together to force air through the reeds

collapse like a concertina

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Clearly a lot of work has gone into producing this eclectic mix of information on different types of anglo/anglo-german concertinas, their manufacture, the conditions under which they were played, and the people who played them.
The books claim to be a 'social history', and that is true to the extent that there are many descriptions of the contexts within which anglo concertinas were played.
Popular from Victorian times until the 1930s, Anglo-German concertinas largely disappeared into dusty attics after the Second World War, re-emerging only with the increased interest in English and (especially) Irish traditional music in the 1970s.
CONCERTINAS, ceilidhs and comedy are included in a packed weekend of entertainment at Warwick Folk Festival, which starts tonight.
The apartment block is marginally less austere, stepping back as it rises over 10 storeys with faceted bay windows like concertinas animating the wall plane.
When fortunate, the dancers might be accompanied by a local brigade of bagpipes, fiddles and concertinas.
MacFarren (1813-1887), Serenade (1859) by Giulio Regondi (1823-1872), and Minuet and Trio for Two Treble Concertinas (1883) by John C.
The row comes after it was revealed that lottery bosses have awarded pounds 250,000 towards the cost of a collection of concertinas at a London museum.
It includes a brief but useful history of the Anglo concertina, a mid-nineteenth-century hybrid between the square-ended, push-pull action German 'Konzertinas', and the hexagonal English-system concertinas developed in this country by Wheatstone.