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coiled barbed wire used as an obstacle

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free-reed instrument played like an accordion by pushing its ends together to force air through the reeds

collapse like a concertina

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His natural passion for the music of Northumberland is ingrained and scarcely ever better expressed than in On Cheviot Hills, his 1999 work for concertina and string quartet which was the evening's bill-topper.
Niamh Ni Charra, a multiple award winner on both fiddle and concertina, will highlight an evening of Irish music at the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre, 19 Temple St.
We will shortly open distribution outlets in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai, where our fencing division will showcase its new barbed tape concertina razor wire aimed at serving high security purposes in the industrial and domestic sector," said Thakur.
Pair of concertina dragons Make a pair of simple dancing dragons.
Bluebeard's Daughter is an atmospheric and dark story-poem by Deborah Templeton, who will be accompanied by folk musician and singer Chris Coe on hammered dulcimer and concertina.
Easy-Fit' 10-Step Concertina Loft Ladder NOW Safe and easy access to your loft space
From making an x-book with pockets or a concertina with tabs to pop-up cards and an origami wallet, this is packed with projects and covers not just one style but a range of handmade book forms.
My first impression of this two-volume set was that it is a Boy's Own Annual for concertina players.
There is a sitting area, with access to the cellar, near the triple concertina double glazed doors open on to the garden and a utility room.
This second volume of Worrall's comprehensive history of Anglo-German concertina looks at how the instrument fared as it moved farther away from its European home, examining its histories in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and North America.
His latest pieces are certainly unique with fabulous ruffles, concertina dresses, digital prints and tribal shoes.
The book is in the form of a concertina 24-foot drawing of the London skyline to the north and south of the Thames.
Washington, July 29 (ANI): Veteran actress Meryl Streep showed off her musical skills - on a concertina she "can't play".
Folded, ruched, smocked: interior fabrics refuse to lie flat, concertina shapes work in numerous guises, creating lightweight structures within the home.
The troops have erected the barricades and laid concertina wires to foil anti-election protests in the city and other towns of the Valley.