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coiled barbed wire used as an obstacle

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free-reed instrument played like an accordion by pushing its ends together to force air through the reeds

collapse like a concertina

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From the centre of the earth the reverse of the concertina returns back through the depths with more whole page pictures of minerals, rocks and fossils back to the surface, emerging through a wild landscape into the countryside.
Wheatstone 31-key Linota concertina with hexagonal rosewood body, pierced metal end plates and brass name and number plaques - PS2,300
I'm also chuffed to be the first concertina player to win the title, which is not only brilliant for me but also for the incredible instrument, which is often overlooked and forgotten about.
Protesters from various leftist groups tried to cross the southbound lane of Commonwealth Avenue, which was intended for vehicles, by toppling container vans and concrete barriers topped with concertina wires.
Alistair Anderson with Royal Northern Sinfonia quintet, Sage Gateshead THE audience in the newly christened Sage Two performance space (previously known as Hall Two) was delighted to be in the company of local hero Alistair Anderson, the internationally renowned concertina player, composer and champion of traditional music.
Further enquiry revealed the reason; it appeared that there was a regional concertina competition.
The concertina performance by Mr Charles Linson and Miss Vera Coyle was greatly enjoyed.
AS tonnes of razor coils have become part of Srinagar's landscape since insurgency broke out in Kashmir, civic authorities on Saturday asked paramilitary forces to remove concertina barbed wires from the city.
We will shortly open distribution outlets in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai, where our fencing division will showcase its new barbed tape concertina razor wire aimed at serving high security purposes in the industrial and domestic sector," said Thakur.
Pair of concertina dragons Make a pair of simple dancing dragons.
Easy-Fit' 10-Step Concertina Loft Ladder NOW Safe and easy access to your loft space
The talented two-man band supports vocal harmonies with banjo, guitar, mandolin, concertina, bodhran and octave mandolin.
From making an x-book with pockets or a concertina with tabs to pop-up cards and an origami wallet, this is packed with projects and covers not just one style but a range of handmade book forms.
My first impression of this two-volume set was that it is a Boy's Own Annual for concertina players.