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a baroque composition for orchestra and a group of solo instruments

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As a teaser, she adds: "What moved this man, author of more or less the first musical treatise written in England, as well as numerous concerti grossi and harpsichord sonatas?
Charles Avison (1710-1770) was certainly not the most influential, and even less the most original of England's baroque composers; these concerti grossi, the works for which he remains best known, are not even strictly original works at all.
The two pieces on the program are concerti grossi in the same style as the other works.
Examples of these works include Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, Concerti Grossi by Handel, Symphonies Concertantes by Mozart and Haydn, Elgar's Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op.
Three close runners up would be Handel's 12 Concerti Grossi, Op.
46 operas, 32 oratorios, plus cantatas, sacred music, concerti grossi, and miscellaneous orchestral, instrumental, and vocal music.
Small Ensemble Performance: ``Brahms: Quintet In B Minor for Viola and Strings,'' Yuri Bashmet, viola, and Moscow Soloists; ``Colors of Love,'' Chanticleer and Joseph Jennings; ``Corelli: Concerti Grossi,'' Modo Antiquo and Federico Maria Sardelli; ``Scarlatti: Il Primo Omicidio,'' Akademie fur Alte Musik, Berlin, etc.
HYPERION DYAD has brought out the Concerti Grossi Op.
And Handel obviously mirrored what one of his great role-models, Arcangelo Corelli, had already written in 1712 as part of the set of concerti grossi for string orchestra he published as his Opus 6.
I adore Handel's instrumental music, including the concertos and concerti grossi, as well as the Water and Fireworks music, and the Italian and German Cantatas.
Momentary relief from the tension is supplied by the orchestral interludes featuring extracts from Handel's Concerti Grossi Op 6.
and as Complete Concerti grossi [New York: Dover, 1988]) and published as the fourth volume of the Corelli Gesamtausgabe in 1978 (ed.
During his 74 years, Handel wrote more than 40 operas, 100 cantatas, 20 chamber duets, six concerti grossi and numerous harpsichord suites, organ concertos and sonatas for chamber groups.