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According to UK health professionals working with the organisation, the need for podiatric treatments is concerningly high.
Concerningly, awareness of the link between SHS and lung cancer, CVDs, and asthma is shockingly low; only 25% of the population acknowledged that such risks were associated with smoking.
Concerningly, the broad sweep of that definition could
She said: "Every region of the North of England shows up as concerningly overweight on a 'fatmap' of the country as they suf-suf fer the legacy of the disruption of the industrial economy that they once enjoyed.
Concerningly, in the midst of a resounding success, England only managed 213 in their second innings with Broad's 26 not out yesterday a reminder of his batting ability.
Concerningly, this kind of improper scientific practice
And instead of shy apologies, his is now a vaudeville/lounge act, throwing his arms about like the clowns he writes about, clutching his chest concerningly for a man who recently suffered a heart attack, drummer with arm in sling, Eitzel with broken toe (he tells us, not part of the act).
He claimed that "the coursework student to T&R + TO staff ratio was concerningly high at 34:1 in 2010".
These diverse effects concerningly suggest somewhat limited direct performance benefits of sustainability practices in the food industry.