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Synonyms for concern

Synonyms for concern

to cause anxious uneasiness in

something that concerns or involves one personally

a cause of distress or anxiety

curiosity about or attention to someone or something

Synonyms for concern

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Staying healthy and avoiding illnesses was cited an urgent personal concern by 63 percent while 44 percent said having a secure and well-paying job or source of income, 41 percent said finishing school or providing schooling for children and another 41 percent said having enough to eat on a daily basis.
6 % high concern), and mortgage call reports, all rank as high-to-medium concerns in the 2013 survey.
Although lesser concerns, online bullying is much more likely to be a concern for parents of girls (38 percent) than for parents of boys (24 percent), and playing online games is more a concern for parents of boys (42 percent) than for parents of girls (28 percent).
3 : something that relates to or involves a person : affair <This is not your concern.
Though the concomitant societal effects of Plan B's availability shouldn't be a concern of the FDA it should be a concern to society at large, including Humanists.
Counseling concerns of highly able students may reflect characteristics associated with giftedness.
As you lay out the facts you can eventually share why these facts concern you, but you'll do so in a way that allows you to check your judgments out with the other parties rather than communicate them as accusations.
Given that students rated drug concern as the second most significant counseling need, calls for an urgent attention, as it is obvious or can be related to other unwarranted behaviour in schools, like violent actions by the students, maiming and killings.
To date, no ethical concern has been referred to our committee, and "no business" for the ECC is a very good problem to have
Although it was not a public document, the NYPD report was revealed to contain security concerns regarding the tower's 25-foot proximity to West Street and lack of structural reinforcement on the lower floors.
The Institute filed comments on the regulations and testified at the January hearing, expressing concern about several aspects, particularly the elimination of the cost safe harbor, its replacement with the simplified cost-based method (SCBM), and the effect of the statute of limitations in the examples relating to the contingent payment provisions.
The main concern of those who are opposed to this is the idea of transferring boundaries like this," says McDonald.
Students concurred that stress management, physical activity, and poor eating habits were of concern to them.
As the paper's objective did not concern the expectation gap, there were no specific measures of consumer expectations or disconfirmation of expectations gathered from the respondents.