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an animal organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation that in higher forms merge into fetal stages but in lower forms terminate in commencement of larval life

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We are pleased with Conceptus stockholders' positive response to our offer.
Bayer currently intends to exercise its top-up option, pursuant to which Conceptus will issue a number of shares to Bayer (at a price per share equal to the offer price) that will result in Bayer owning over 90 percent of the outstanding shares, enabling it to gain full ownership of Conceptus without convening a general meeting of Conceptus stockholders.
4m) takeover of US contraceptive products firm Conceptus Inc (NASDAQ:CPTS).
10 January 2012 - Conceptus Inc (NASDAQ:CPTS), the US-based company that developed the Essure permanent birth control method, said on Monday that a US district court rejected Hologic Inc's (NASDAQ:HOLX) motions seeking to overturn a jury verdict against it for infringement on Conceptus' patent rights.
Conceptus has also submitted its first Pre-Market Approval (PMA) module to the U.
The acquisition of Conceptus represents an excellent fit for our HealthCare business specifically in the United States, the world s most important health care market, said Dr.
29 April 2013 - German drug and chemicals maker Bayer AG's (ETR:BAYN) unit Bayer HealthCare LLC has agreed to take over US contraceptive products firm Conceptus Inc (NASDAQ:CPTS) via a deal valued at USD1.
Conceptus received in July 2008 CE marking approval for similar labelling changes linked to the addition of GEA technologies such as NovaSure that can be used safely and effectively in combination with Essure.
Bayer HealthCare LLC has therefore signed a merger agreement with Conceptus, Inc.
18 October 2011 - US Conceptus Inc (NASDAQ:CPTS) said yesterday it had received a favourable jury verdict in its patent litigation against Hologic Inc (NASDAQ:HOLX) in the US District Court, Northern District of California.
5 October 2011 - Conceptus (NASDAQ:CPTS), the US-based developer of the Essure permanent birth control procedure, said on Tuesday that it had paid some USD3.
26 August 2011 - US Conceptus Inc (NASDAQ:CPTS) said today it has entered into a new revolving line of credit arrangement with Wells Fargo Bank, N.
In May 2009 Conceptus filed suit against Hologic, asserting that the Adiana permanent contraception system infringes several U.
In addition, AMS has released Conceptus from any future royalty obligations under the 2003 Settlement Agreement between Ovion and Conceptus.
healthcare market," commented Mark Sieczkarek, president and chief executive officer of Conceptus.