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being or characterized by concepts or their formation

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The translucent glass channels of the north facade, understood conceptually as folded planes, are punctured by operable windows held in steel frames cantilevered from the floor.
That is the key message here: convergence, conceptually, with technology.
Instead, the first recipients of the $1 million Dan David Prize, a new humanities award conceptually similar to but monetarily larger than the Nobel Peace Prize, are an inventor, a library and a group of geneticists.
Teaching conceptually enables students to internalize musical ideas more readily and experience and apply them to multiple situations.
I expect that his being on the IASB will contribute to conceptually sound and rigorous international accounting standards.
Crossing Boundaries deserves a place on the shelves of diaspora scholars although it breaks no new ground conceptually.
They often represented themselves visually as a trio of fornicating poodles and conceptually as a goddesslike character named Miss General Idea.
Readers accustomed to traditional accounts of the rise of historical science are in for a surprise, for Kelley adopts a more classical definition of science: "In [the sixteenth century] history became, literally and conceptually, a science because it was organized according to a systematic method, oriented toward universals rather than particulars, and so raised above the arts.
If Chapter Eight, "Hybrid Systems and Applications," had been written in the same exhausting and detailed fashion as the rest of the book, it might have been a useful step toward defining where the field of micrographics is heading, both technologically and conceptually.
Its reader-friendly format makes the book's premise--being a CEO "is conceptually simple, unless you're failing"--easy to grasp and digest.
However clear this result may be, it is conceptually contrary to the converse situation in which, by reason of Sec.
The framework that he utilizes is conceptually tight, yet elastic enough that it could serve as a model for different regions of the Ottoman empire, and other area studies as well:, thus making his contribution both empirically and theoretically meaningful.
Many other studies of free black communities have extended the Hortons' study, but all historians owe a debt, methodologically and conceptually, to their study of black Bostonians.
The 54 jurisdictional accounting statutes are conceptually similar in their requirements for certification and licensure--all include an education requirement and mandate passage of the Uniform CPA Examination and most require experience for licensure and continuing professional education for relicensure--but the similarities end when the details of these requirements are examined.