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If the conceptualizer of the sentence C is viewed as peering out through a viewing frame, the immediate scope is that portion of the world being viewed that is subtended by that frame at any given moment.
to the subjective axis, so that an analogous relationship holds instead between the subjectively-construed conceptualizer and some entity in the original objective scene" (Langacker 1990: 5).
Man, the sexual conceptualizer and projector, has ruled art because art is his Apollonian response toward and away from woman.
He denied all political responsibility (save, perhaps, to defend himself against politics) yet was a revolutionary conceptualizer.
What they will do, however, is restore a 1917 mansion to its original Craftsman design, buy and refurbish a whole block of rent houses that border a downtown freeway, spend time and money to line the state's roadways with wildflowers, and threaten to erect an early Renaissance French chateau, dubbed "Chateau Roy" by its conceptualizer, in Little Rock's Quapaw Quarter.
Uzma Irfan - Conceptualizer and Organizer, 'Art Bengaluru'said, "The Indian art market currently has both good quality and discerning buyers.
Uzma Irfan - Executive Director, Corporate Communications - Prestige Group, Founder - Sublime Galleria and Conceptualizer & Organizer - Art Bengaluru said, "We are honoured to have an artist of the caliber of Liu Bolin at Art Bengaluru who will unveil an exclusive creation for the event.
Uzma Irfan - Conceptualizer & Organizer - Art Bengaluru said, "The Renaissance Period is known for the rebirth of classical art.
In examples of this type deja/gia imply that the entity or category denoted by the predicate is one which possesses an internal structure, and that the conceptualizer is performing a mental directed scan of that category.
For example, legless, as in a legless soldier, assigns a negative axiological value to the profiled state, implying that if the conceptualizer from whose perspective the image is construed had control over the course of events, (12) he would have rather preserved the soldier intact, i.
A grand conceptualizer, his well-polished talents as a pianist, composer, bandleader, vocalist and producer make him a truly singular artist.
php) - Executive Director, Corporate Communications - Prestige Group, Founder - Sublime Galleria and Conceptualizer & Organizer - Art Bengaluru said, "This year's theme is the Renaissance period in European Art History, which is considered one of the richest eras for art, invention, culture & science.
At the same time, the degree of distance between the ground participant and the onstage conceptualizer may vary from construction to construction.
I encourage more and more parents to bring their children to be a part of Berserk 2014," says Uzma Irfan - Founder, Sublime Galleria and Conceptualizer & Organizer - 'Berserk'.
Owing to this cognitive asymmetry, a conceptualizer could evoke a caused-motion event by first focusing on its salient external cause.