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inventing or contriving an idea or explanation and formulating it mentally

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Then, they can structure a cognitive case conceptualization to understand the inmates' psyches in relation to their thoughts.
It specifically attempts to identify a universal case conceptualization applicable to all FAP clients that will allow therapists to more efficiently and effectively implement FAP.
Each discipline has developed its own approaches and methodologies to address the topic of conceptualization and classification.
Specifically, case conceptualization ability is generally composed of two distinct, but interrelated, dimensions.
172) Catherine Lutz supposes that the Western conceptualization of depression is based on the assumption that the normal emotional state is one of slightly positive affect.
college students and middle-class families) as well as the initial conceptualization of identity interruptions.
Despite the ongoing debate about the adaptation process and appropriate conceptualization of outcome, two points of general consensus have consistently emerged across theories.
To understand how the constructs of assimilation and accommodation influence counselors-in-training acquisition of an organized framework for counseling that assures internal consistency in case conceptualization, treatment planning, counseling practice and expected outcomes within the supervisory process may propel a more adequate response to supervision challenges within the trainee-client-and-supervisor triad (Magnuson & Wilcoxon, 1998; Neufeldt, Iverson, & Juntunen.
Khawla Abu Baker's nuanced analysis of marital problems uses a case narrative to help explain the intricate links between individual and group functioning, the relationship between gender construction and problem conceptualization and resolution, as well as the need to have the voices of women and other groups heard, in the formation of any social work practice.
A conceptualization of the client and additional areas for client exploration are presented.
PLM enables design engineers to access and leverage critical product engineering data across the entire enterprise and throughout a product's lifecycle, from conceptualization and development to product servicing in the marketplace.
An ontology is a specification of a conceptualization.
Paulson has overseen the conceptualization, development and introduction of numerous award-winning products from Coda, a global music technology company, since 1992.
Conceptualization marks a change in the process from working with phenomena in their natural contexts to working with data that have been bound by symbols and definitions and often removed from their natural context.