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To do that one would have to distinguish a situation-specific and a general form of conceptuality and mindedness, as McDowell does, and show how our capacity for detached abstract thought grows out of and presupposes our involved situation-specific activity.
Implicit in this deeply intuiting memory is the renunciation of one's conceptuality, including one's concept of self, in order to sense the wholeness, like the cloud that does not cling to its cloud-form but realizes its essential communion with the sky.
Even if a more technical conceptuality is at work in its later elaboration, the content is the same.
CONCEPTUALITY People Solutions, the Cardiff-based specialist recruitment firm, has rebranded to the CPS Group (UK).
Which of the two is a better reflection of Lebanon as a state of mind -- the glitz, glamor and the garishness of a Shakira concert or the chaos, confusion and conceptuality of "s.
Berenson had spoken of the enigmatic "imaginary motor sensations" that only art can produce and communicate, above and beyond any conceptuality (Collingwood 261).
Although he never crafted an entirely consistent conceptuality, these gradually proved well suited to express the dynamic interactions of what he often called by various names such as 1) the divine Spirit with the "pure flesh" or the "humanity of Christ" and 2) the Father, the Spirit and the Son or the Word.
The historical reasons for this babelization is of course that after Freud's death, different approaches have developed locally, often keeping Freud's conceptuality, but interpreting it in their own ways.
Talvet's poems synthesize intellectualism and sensualism, conceptuality and eidetic mental impressions, satire and suave contemplation.
Scientific style lexicon is characterised by conceptuality, marked use of nouns and adjectives, use of terms with a clear and narrow denotation, absence of expressive lexemes, exclusiveness and, therefore, high repetitiveness of lexis, resulting in quite a stereotypical vocabulary and semantic condensation with preference to noun groups (Knittlova 1990).
A similar estimate for the essentiality of a product seems a far more difficult exercise; abstraction or conceptuality are not necessarily characteristic of preemptive material claims.
As always, Hegel, who dispels dualism by way of a trinitarianism, is in fact making a tripartite distinction: art, religion, and philosophy, graded in terms of their rising level of conceptuality.
Dietrich's contribution to medieval philosophy has usually been seen encapsulated in his notion of ens conceptionale, which, as differentiated from ens naturae, pleads for the independent cause of conceptuality in the process of human cognition (Flasch 2007:120-122, 238-246, et al.
Hajnal Kiraly explores the relation between writing and observing (spectatorship) as complementary activities, reciprocally conditioning each other in the so-called "writer's movies" of the 1990s, mostly coming from the Far East, and which, according to Kiraly, overturn systematically the strict delimitation between literature and film, the idea of conceptuality of the first and visuality of the latter.