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40) At the same time, by remaining within the basic framework of nation-state conceptuality, the initial critical impulse instead became bound up with an active affirmation of negation of galut, in a permutation that can be described as national assimilation rather than as individual assimilation.
To do that one would have to distinguish a situation-specific and a general form of conceptuality and mindedness, as McDowell does, and show how our capacity for detached abstract thought grows out of and presupposes our involved situation-specific activity.
As always, Hegel, who dispels dualism by way of a trinitarianism, is in fact making a tripartite distinction: art, religion, and philosophy, graded in terms of their rising level of conceptuality.
The binary thinking, in contrast, denies much of the complexity of contemporary critical self-consciousness in its resistance to the philosophical conceptuality that allegedly comprehended it.
My worry is that The Better Story translates psychoanalytic conceptuality into a politics that remains comfortably inside the deliberative-democratic ethos of the left liberalism of figures such as Julia Kristeva, who is referenced extensively, and Jurgen Habermas, who isn't.
Scientific style lexicon is characterised by conceptuality, marked use of nouns and adjectives, use of terms with a clear and narrow denotation, absence of expressive lexemes, exclusiveness and, therefore, high repetitiveness of lexis, resulting in quite a stereotypical vocabulary and semantic condensation with preference to noun groups (Knittlova 1990).
Her reportage accents "ecclesial diversity--not as an abstract conceptuality but as a socially embodied theological community.
1) In most cases the word 'democracy' refers, on the one hand, to the political and juridical field, on the other, to the technique of government, 'these two areas of conceptuality (the juridico-political and the economic-managerial) have overlapped with one another since the birth of politics, political thought, and democracy in the Greek polis or city-state, which makes it hard to tease them apart' (2).
First, he offers a detailed explanation of his conceptuality, its utility and novelty.
The concept of "the new" supposes that the new existence extends above and beyond its expressive image of itself, or at least from what it is while it is still understood through the expressive image's conceptuality.
As expected, Shirin perplexed the critics, who may have appreciated its conceptuality yet remained unsure as to what to make of it.
gt; circumscribed in silence by the capital letter which ever increases the neutrality of the other, and which we use so familiarly, even though it is the very disorder of our conceptuality.
Given the title, which refers to the smallest sociological group, being two persons, the visual paradox seems to move beyond the painting proper into the realm of a conceptuality whereby the abstract forms suggest an interpersonal relationship.
In an attempt to retain conceptuality, we took care to not dilute "thick description into thin description," that is, not to weaken the depth and value of the data (Steiner-Khamsi, Torney-Purta, & Schwille, 2002).