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the doctrine that the application of a general term to various objects indicates the existence of a mental entity that mediates the application

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Hence, in Marion's reading, God's most proper name is not being or the scholastic Ipsum esse subsistens but "love"--which, for Marion, is the "icon," as he calls it, that allows the incomprehensible to be seen while impeding any conceptualistic reduction of it.
While this understanding of participation in divine life is highly individualistic, ahistorical, and conceptualistic, Murray applauds Scheebens attempts to move beyond at least the conceptualism inherent in the visual metaphor.
3) Attempted reduction of categories causes the mistaken understanding that metaphysics is exclusively realistic, nominalistic, or conceptualistic.
Despite its normative content, on closer examination the Kantian edict turns out to have a distinctly conceptualistic character.
A Theory of Possibility: A Constructivistic Conceptualistic Account of Possible Individuals and Possible Worlds.
Here critics claim that Murray's conceptualistic ecclesiology offers no principled connection to the Church's present self-understanding.