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the doctrine that the application of a general term to various objects indicates the existence of a mental entity that mediates the application

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In "Paper Museums: Moscow Conceptualism in Transit," curators Filizaveta Butakova and Sarah Wilson, both of the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, approached the complex phenomenon of Moscow Conceptualism from the perspective of the editors and contributors to A-Ya, MANI, and Pastor.
Chapter 3 moves on to criticize a pair of more popular epistemic arguments for conceptualism, McDowell's (1994) and Brewer's (1999, 2005).
The truth is that the problem we confront in thinking about Conceptualism is the concept itself.
It broke with her fall-winter line, "Heterotropies," which emphasized structure and conceptualism.
Perhaps the major surprise and pleasure of this show is the varied way in which contemporary artists have engaged with the garden--the section on conceptualism is easily the most involving.
Authentic/Ex-Centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art by Salah M.
When it comes to doing a job, there is the risk of inclining toward conceptualism,'' he said, criticizing tax policies proposed by the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, a key government panel chaired by Koizumi.
In a variant of conceptualism - which apparently thrives as much as realist painting in China today - he has visited a depressed area of the country and had his picture taken individually with a range of local workers.
writes, lies in the conceptualism that emerged in scholastic philosophy, and perhaps especially in Cajetan.
But Charlesworth, steeped in Pop art and Conceptualism, presciently grasped the visual seduction of photographs and the political impact of their circulation.
They cover the reality of mathematics and the case of set theory; conceptualism and knowledge of logic: a budget of problems; what is logic?
This claim is based on three arguments: 1) the identity conception of truth he exploits is unable to sustain the idea that perception-judgment transitions are normally truth conducing; 2) it could be plausible only from an externalist point of View that is in tension with the View of normativity that motivates conceptualism; 3) the identity conception of truth is incompatible with McDowell's recent version of conceptualism in terms of "nonpropositional intuitive contents.
With topics ranging from conceptualism and representationalism to animal cognition, concept acquisition, and issues in psychopathology, this collection of papers promotes an interdisciplinary approach in furnishing answers to these and other related problems.
It also contains a small story line, which Dattilio states, "is not to be taken too seriously; it's just a simple metaphor for 'Nirvanic Conceptualism.
Her thingly object collages have long been awkwardly characterized as belonging to a strain of witty, narrative Conceptualism associated with the work of fellow LA artists Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, and Allen Ruppersberg.