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being or characterized by concepts or their formation

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It follows that because I is procedural, it cannot encode conceptual information.
The TOS needs to do a better job of relating the College's Conceptual Framework to the actual practice of the Eight Learning Outcomes during the 25 hours of observation.
Specifically, seven emperical studies were reviewed to 1) investigate conceptual and methodological fidelity to Bandura's theoretical model and 2) determine if adherence (or lack thereof) to an agentic perspective could help explain mixed results that have been found regarding the relationship between Teacher Efficacy and other personal and contextual variables.
Perhaps the most radical approach to understanding the importance of metaphor with reference to human conceptual systems was begun by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in Metaphors We Live By.
Along with Acconci, Mayer, and Mac Low, Knowles should stand at the head of any historical account of protoconceptual and conceptual writing, and his work deserves the renewed attention that these other authors have enjoyed in recent years.
In other words, their conceptual answers would predict changes in one direction while their quantitative answers were predicting changes in the opposite direction.
These books offer examples of seminal Conceptual works, like Lee Lozano's General Strike Piece, 1969; the presence of Springfield's hand throughout General Strike Piece, 2007, precariously and painstakingly tracing Lozano's handwriting, does little, however, to evoke Lozano's importance.
Conceptual art is a challenge both to common notions of what art is, and to the question how art is to be defined, if it can be defined.
For additional background information, you can read "Why We Need a Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing" in the October 2011 issue of Strategic Finance.
The conceptual age is characterised by people engaged in and making their living from many forms of creativity, cultural pursuits and the caring professions, all of which emphasise the right brain and depend on empathy to sense and make connections: social and ecological, intellectual and emotional.
If the committee determines that private company financial reporting users do have differing objectives, and that those objectives are not consistent with the framework of 'general-purpose external financial reporting,' we anticipate that the FASB would consider such determination at the conceptual framework level.
The architectural firms of BNIM Architects and Castellan James Architects are doing the conceptual work.
Rachel's Story: A Southern Girl In Pre-Civil War Boston by Mariana Coe is an intriguing and conceptual reinvention of America in the 1850's an one young woman's discovery among great intellects of the era.
Conceptual images of energy, water and material efficiency especially within the context of Scottish businesses
International handbook of research on conceptual change, 2d ed.
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