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Of the risk factors for breast cancer, a significantly higher number of Turkish students knew a high-fat diet, obesity, first childbirth at an advanced age, and never having given birth while a higher number of Polish students knew using oral conceptive was a risk factor.
Teachers' technical training, conceptive perspective in Training Center, Tehran: Roshd Publications.
18) Others have focused more specifically on older mothers and the role they play in media representation of ARTs and the interplay between contraceptive and conceptive technologies in their experience of age-related infertility.
932), and good conceptive validity was indicated by the high factor loading estimates (over 0.
S]o if abortion is seriously wrong because it kills a potential person, then the use of a conceptive is equally seriously wrong.
Katherine Carlitz also argues that the novel is informed by a Confucian conceptive framework (The Rhetoric of "Chin P'ing Mei" especially chapter 2, "The Structure and Themes of Chin p'ing mei," 28-44).
THE RIGHT TO HAVE VERSUS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE BABIES Feminist inquiry has long addressed issues related to reproduction, such as pregnancy, abortion, adoption, fertility, sexuality, conceptive or contraceptive technologies, and pronatal or antinatal population policies.