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being of the nature of a notion or concept

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It is important that the researcher takes research questions or the conceptional framework of the research in consideration and needs to be aware of what s/he is looking for in these framework data (Yildirim and Simsek, 2013).
Conceptional period and the first years of life are determinants of health and wellbeing over the lifecycle.
Professor Gienapp criticizes the uber-Beardian tendency to discuss interests divorced from the conceptional frameworks in which political actors conceptualize and speak about their desired ends.
Jawad noted that the senior officials have approved a conceptional framework paper on the mechanism of consultation and coordination among the four organizations over the main Arab and Muslim causes such as the Palestinian cause, the conflicts in Syria and Somalia as well as the instability in Libya.
The construction and the phenomenon or object under formation are both (inter)subjectively conceptional.
by a conceptional approach of market and customer competence, focused research and extensive formulation know-how.
The substantive and architectural focus on automobile technology out of the canon of encyclopaedically organised subjects and departments marks a conceptional shift in the Museum's exhibition policy.
Conceptional age (CONA) also known as "chronological age" or "postnatal age" is the time elapsed after birth and in this study is expressed in weeks.
3 and conceptional foundations in "reasoning"--as foundations of both, mathematics and TP, are discussed in [section]2.
I want to create comfortable journeys from the known to the unknown," he says, "so people feel less scared about contemporary or conceptional art, things they find complicated because they are complicated.
In premature infants, the nasal-temporal gain depends on post-natal rather than conceptional age.
The fourth and fifth chapters are dedicated to presenting and arguing for Reiman's conceptional linchpin: the concept of structural coercion through private property.
Table 4 NAPI Score (Mean and Standard Deviation), Regarding the Infants'Post- Conceptional Age--All Study Sample and NAPI Sample Comparison Between Groups NAPI Post- All Study Sample Clusters conceptional (S-S) Age (weeks) Mean SD ([+ or -]) Scarf Sign 32 33.
In that case it means how to involve them (functional, convincement, informative), conceptional requirements, functional requirements etc.