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being of the nature of a notion or concept

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the conceptional opposite to fixation at such a point, the sociological form of the "stranger" presents the unity, as it were, of these two characteristics.
C[logical not]"When we talk about marketing we talk about big companies that add value to a product, but this can be done at the conceptional stage.
In 1994 we developed the idea of conceptional triangulation, meaning that different sorts of comparisons can be combined in one single evaluation (Balthasar & Knopfel, 1994).
Conceptional Model of Commercial Bank Management, Inzinerine Ekonomika--Engineering Economics (5): 41-47.
Striking new ideas were revealed relating to conceptional colour schemes, furniture, fixtures and fittings.
According to Aderem, a systems biology pioneer who recently joined Seattle BioMed to incorporate that approach with the Institute's infectious disease research, new conceptional and technological advances indicate that it will be possible to develop vaccines for the "big three" infectious diseases within the next 10 years.
A larger problem with the "subgenre" chapters is their occasional conceptional incoherence.
The meeting was informed that conceptional Master Plan will be got prepared from reputed firms and competitive bidders, for which an advertisement will be got published within 15 days.
This conceptional requirement is also from Dole, where the Supreme Court speculated (in dicta at the end of that opinion) that "in some circumstances the financial inducement offered by Congress might be so coercive as to pass the point at which &lsquo;pressure turns into<br /> <br /> The state plaintiffs alleged in their complaint that the Medicaid provisions also violated the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, but those claims have not been advanced or briefed in their summary judgment motion (except in a single passing sentence, see Pl.
for the conceptional design of the Fraport's new headquarters building being constructed at "Lot H" Frankfurt Airport.
The company would assist them right from the conceptional phase, through system engineering to the commissioning of the turnkey system.
Justice Muhammad Sair Ali said that there was more than drafting errors, adding that there were conceptional errors.
I went with Nick Moon [strategy and communications director] out to Luxembourg almost two years ago to have the first conceptional discussion about the new fund.
The measurement of state and trait anxiety: Conceptional and methodological issues.
The default category of each lexeme is the conceptional class to which it belongs.