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the quality of having the same center (as circles inside one another)

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Your concentricity gauge will tell you whether you have any out-of-round case necks, and if you do, neck turning is certainly a viable solution.
While hydraulic forces may initially offer the best tool concentricity, this precision can diminish when the tool is subjected to typical cutting forces.
Enka Tecnica is capable of producing extremely critical and delicate nozzle assemblies for the production of high quality hollow fiber membranes with accurate tolerances in terms of wall thickness and concentricity.
Both the steel adapter and the nylon direct injected bushing provide concentricity and extended bearing life.
Meister Abrasives' aluminium oxide mounted points are reported to be manufactured on advanced production lines to high standards of concentricity, dimensional accuracy and stability, in tightly controlled recipes.
Kimble Chase produces Kontes brand NMR tubes with adherence to production and quality standards to ensure the wall thickness, concentricity and camber are exact.
They also have exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/- .
In addition, VisEdge CV300R-EP is the first system to incorporate data from patterned edge die--including partial die--to trace the film edge and its concentricity with the wafer itself or with neighbouring films in the process.
03 mm; high-precision piloted shafts with pilot concentricity tolerance of 0.
size and 27 metric size stainless steel adapters, identified as the S52FCY Series, that are high precision, with tight tolerances on bores, shank, and bore/ shank concentricity.
High concentricity provides efficient rotation to cut rolling resistance, saving energy and extending drive belt life.
Cutting tools with different shanks are held with great concentricity of less than 0.
The use of analog sensor technology is ideal for numerous applications such as the regulated approach to end positions at minimum cost, the realization of several switch points with a single device, monitoring concentricity, or the detection of vibrations.
The radial rigidity and clamping force of the toolholders have been optimized with a concentricity of less than 3[micro] The larger diameter toolholders have been field-proven to improve rigidity and resist radial forces.