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the quality of having the same center (as circles inside one another)

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Standard features include: high-efficiency, low NPSHR design for a wide variety of applications; one-size mechanical seal for all 200 Series models, and integral impeller/shaft design for fewer parts, greater concentricity and easy maintenance.
Failure to follow proper tool colleting procedures will result in deformed collets, which reduces tool concentricity and holding power.
The highly durable sleeve exhibits excellent concentricity under various temperature
Enka Tecnica is capable of producing extremely critical and delicate nozzle assemblies for the production of high quality hollow fiber membranes with accurate tolerances in terms of wall thickness and concentricity.
Using our unique, and unmatched drilling technique we are able to provide extreme uniform wall thicknesses and concentricity not available with standard "gundrilling" equipment or from traditional extruded hollows.
Two gauging units - an ultrasonic gauge upstream and a laser gauge at the downstream end - are linked to the pullers to automatically control wall thickness, concentricity and ovality of the tubing.
In addition, VisEdge CV300R-EP is the first system to incorporate data from patterned edge die--including partial die--to trace the film edge and its concentricity with the wafer itself or with neighbouring films in the process.
03 mm; high-precision piloted shafts with pilot concentricity tolerance of 0.
Cutting tools with different shanks are held with great concentricity of less than 0.
There are three types of benchmark parts: geometric (used for evaluating dimensional and geometric accuracy, parallelism, symmetry, concentricity, flatness, repeatability, etc.
The remaining variables are powder selection, powder charge, optimum overall length, and concentricity of the completed round.
For more than 35 years, Rollomatic has specialized in the development and production of high performance CNC tool and cutter, cylindrical and hydrostatic grinding machines, as well as concentricity measuring gages.
Together with the included profiling software, the probe measures the diameter and concentricity of pipe 4-160 inches in diameter, performing up to 250,000 measurement [+ or -]1% accuracy, www.
The radial rigidity and clamping force of the toolholders have been optimized with a concentricity of less than 3[micro] The larger diameter toolholders have been field-proven to improve rigidity and resist radial forces.
A range of characteristics can be measured, including lengths, diameters, intersections, run-out, roundness, part axis, pitch, radius, coaxiality, concentricity, taper length, radius center, and widths of recesses or chamfers.