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LV adaption to arterial hypertension results in LV geometry responses such as concentric remodeling or concentric hypertrophy.
In patients without a HTNRE, concentric hypertrophy was seen in 16%, and eccentric hypertrophy was seen in 7.
M/F, n 16/14 Mean (range) age at diagnosis, years 46 (18-60) Left ventricular wall thickness, n 13-16 mm 5 (16%) 17-19 mm 7 (23%) >19 mm 18 (61%) Concentric hypertrophy, n 11 Asymmetric septal hypertrophy, n 19 HC with gradient (range, 16-130 mmHg), n 16 Family history of HC, n 16 (54%) Mean (range) age, years 44 (24-60) No family history of HC, n 14 (46%) Mean (range) age, years 37 (20-56) No family history of HC and/or SCD, n 5 (13%) Table 2.
16) Concentric hypertrophy has been observed almost exclusively in the setting of coexisting hypertension.