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Synonyms for exercise

Synonyms for exercise

energetic physical action

repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

to subject to or engage in forms of exertion in order to train, strengthen, or condition

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

Synonyms for exercise

a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding


Related Words

put to use

carry out or practice

give a workout to

learn by repetition

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The present data showed that the heart tissue was substantially more responsive to the concentric exercise, as compared to the eccentric and the horizontal types, as can be seen in Figure 1.
With regard to kidney tissue, the considerable responsiveness to concentric exercise (Figure 1) was indeed expected, if one considers there was an increase in blood pressure and glomerular pressure, resulting in turn, from a variety of factors such as dehydration, hyperfiltration of damaged enzymes and other proteins originated in the micro-lesions (Bassit et al.
Furthermore, there is a short period of eccentric contraction in the initial phase of concentric exercise (Jonsson and Alfredson, 2005).
Concentric exercises involved lifting the body weight with the injured leg, lowering with the uninjured leg, and progressing to include other standard concentric strength exercises.