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having a common center

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2) Cyanus was a glass-paste of deep blue colour: the `zones' were concentric bands in which were the scenes described by the poet.
Another phenomenon would now have passed before the observer's eye, and the molecules situated on the plane of the equator, escaping like a stone from a sling of which the cord had suddenly snapped, would have formed around the sun sundry concentric rings resembling that of Saturn.
And the observation of a sign-point, quite inexplicable in itself, showed Barbicane that his projectile was not nearing the moon, and that it had shifted by following an almost concentric curve.
Who knows what beautiful and winged life, whose egg has been buried for ages under many concentric layers of woodenness in the dead dry life of society, deposited at first in the alburnum of the green and living tree, which has been gradually converted into the semblance of its well-seasoned tomb -- heard perchance gnawing out now for years by the astonished family of man, as they sat round the festive board -- may unexpectedly come forth from amidst society's most trivial and handselled furniture, to enjoy its perfect summer life at last!
The natural world may be conceived of as a system of concentric circles, and we now and then detect in nature slight dislocations which apprise us that this surface on which we now stand is not fixed, but sliding.
Mr Verloc, getting off the sofa with ponderous reluctance, opened the door leading into the kitchen to get more air, and thus disclosed the innocent Stevie, seated very good and quiet at a deal table, drawing circles, circles, circles; innumerable circles, concentric, eccentric; a coruscating whirl of circles that by their tangled multitude of repeated curves, uniformity of form, and confusion of intersecting lines suggested a rendering of cosmic chaos, the symbolism of a mad art attempting the inconceivable.
Maria Sainz, President and CEO of Concentric Medical, also commented: "The Trevo Pro System has improved the predictability of the interventional stroke procedure for physicians.
As an 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and proven IT service provider, Concentric Methods is an ideal match for this pre-competed and streamlined procurement vehicle.
Concentric mixing before the fan pump, if not done properly, can significantly affect the spatial and temporal consistency and chemical uniformity of the stock leaving the approach flow area, leading to severe MD and CD nonuniformities in the final sheet.
Concentric is contractually affiliated with more than a dozen leading service, material, and equipment providers to consult in areas such as information technology, primary equipment, energy management, health/safety/risk management, control systems, facility maintenance, resins, mold design, and financial services.
After 12 weeks of treatment, 18 of the 22 patients in the eccentric loading group had returned to their level of running before injury, compared to eight of 22 who were treated with the concentric regimen.
In the concentric phase of the lift, the muscle shortens and contracts while applying force.
Partnering with LiveOps has enabled us to round out our cloud portfolio of solutions," said Peter Papavasiliou, Chief Marketing Officer for Concentric Cloud Solutions.
The acquisition of Concentric Medical provides Stryker with immediate entry into the fastest growing and most innovative segment of the interventional neurovascular space.
In 2004 the FDA cleared Concentric Medical's Merci Retriever[R] for use in patients who are ineligible for IV-tPA or who fail to respond to IV-tPA therapy.