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Synonyms for concentration

Synonyms for concentration

a converging at a common center

concentration of the mental powers on something

Synonyms for concentration

the spatial property of being crowded together

strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material

bringing together military forces

great and constant diligence and attention

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The value of the coverage does not count against key employees for purposes of the 25% concentration test.
For example, these media had more than 70% breakthrough at the initial time and reached 100% breakthrough within 2 hours in high concentration tests.
It would need more time for these two medium to show a completed breakthrough curve under low concentration for comparing with high concentration tests.
While some conditioned laboratory air may be sufficiently clean to serve as the duct test air without cleanup for high challenge concentration tests, good practice is to make provision for challenge air cleanup.
For the present low concentration tests, single and multiple component VOC challenges were generated from liquid VOCs (an equimolar mixture for the multiple component challenge) fed to a total vaporizer by a displacement pump at approximately 0.
These gravity concentration tests indicated that more gold was extracted by leaching concentrates derived from large head samples (88,330 g - 1,363,636 g) than was predicted by the many caustic fusion assays performed on small head samples (5 g each).
The recent gravity concentration tests were completed on material that was probably significantly higher in head grade than the overall average head grade of the North Sand Zone.
are pleased to announce the results of two independent assay and concentration tests completed in late 2008 at the Eagle Nest Mining Property.
In classrooms where carbon dioxide levels were high (low ventilation rates), student scores on the concentration tests were low; and their health symptom responses were high.
OTCBB: IRLD) today reported new results from gravity concentration tests completed on sand material from the North Sand Zone, which is located in the northwest sector of its Columbus Project in Esmeralda County, Nevada.
o Eliminates all operator and geographic Concentration Tests for the facility;
Additional cleaner gravity concentration tests were also completed, indicating that a number of the rock types will be capable of producing a direct smelt concentrate by sending the rougher concentrates through the regrind circuit and the 12-inch Knelson concentrator.
Once the composite was primarily sized to -100 mesh (-150 microns), the weighted average of the three gravity concentration tests resulted in a 53 percent feed gold recovery at a concentration grade of 530 g/tonne.
We look forward to presenting the results from independent assay and concentration tests on Eagle Nest shortly.
24 Kilogram's have been utilized to process three gravimetric concentration tests with a "Knelson" concentrator.