concentration gradient

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a gradient in concentration of a solute as a function of distance through a solution

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With a prolonged dyeing time, the concentration gradient of the log gradually decreased, resulting in a gradual decrease of diffusion, as well.
The slowly crystallizing polymer with the highest molecular mass, being closest to its equilibrium melting point, cannot form spherulites anymore, owing to the high concentration gradient of salt in the amorphous surrounding (Fig.
Measuring gas concentration in a profile at a single location does not show the spatial effects of the estimate of the concentration gradients (Burton and Beauchamp 1994).
2,1 entails an interesting conclusion: regardless of the aforesaid effects related to [delta]m that possibly alter the plain diffusion process, the time evolution of the system is actually consequence of the concentration gradient law; although the Fick hypothesis does not contain explicit reference to the time, this latter enters indeed into the problem through v.
The enclosure is subjected to vertical temperature gradient; the concentration gradient is deduced from that of temperature.
There is normally a steep concentration gradient for oxygen between the alveoli and the blood in the pulmonary capillaries.
Contaminant transport in the plume and at the wall is driven by convective buoyant flows and lateral diffusion due to concentration gradient at the boundary of the plume with room air.
The axial temperature gradient [partial derivative]T/[partial derivative]r and concentration gradient [partial derivative]C/[partial derivative]z are assumed to be constant say A and B respectively.
By adjusting the strength and frequency of vibrations, he and his research team are able to collect data on the mixture's temperature, concentration gradient, and progress of diffusion over time.
Consequently, a concentration gradient develops between the PO2 in the mixed-venous blood and the PO2 in the alveoli.
Since the solidification front is not flat, there is a zone in which there is no mixing, and there is a concentration gradient inside this zone (Fig.
Development of a test to evaluate the transtubular potassium concentration gradient in the cortical collecting duct in vivo.
This can be especially disconcerting to students when they note that the concentration gradient of the solute, and presumably the water, is still present.
2]) and a concentration gradient of the interested air pollutant, cD (mole/[cm.
Concentration gradient of CSF monoamine metabolites in children and adolescents.
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