concentration gradient

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a gradient in concentration of a solute as a function of distance through a solution

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Adsorbed water moves along a surface following a concentration gradient.
It is important to note that at the beginning of the process, diffusion is more rapid due to the greater concentration gradient.
And at the same time, use ethanol to dilute the volatile oil into different concentration gradient, and use the sample concentration as the X-axis and the scavenging rate for the DPPH free radicals as the Y-axis to draw a standard curve.
With a prolonged dyeing time, the concentration gradient of the log gradually decreased, resulting in a gradual decrease of diffusion, as well.
Substantial lithium concentration gradients build inside the battery and cause it to appear "full" or "empty" prematurely from an input-output perspective, as terminal voltages hit their upper and lower bounds more quickly than during less aggressive operation.
The supernatant, containing cytosolic proteins, was collected and the pellet, containing membrane proteins, was resuspended in homogenization buffer or subfractioned by linear concentration gradient of sucrose; proteins were quantified with Bradford reagent and cytosolic contamination was excluded by using antiGADPH policlonal antibody (negative control; data not shown).
Increasing the air temperature over a canopy increases the water vapor concentration gradient between the leaf internal space and the atmosphere.
The concentration gradient is well maintained by this process which in turn increases the efficiency of the respiration process.
The concentration gradient of salt developing around the growing crystallite can be seen as reverse osmotic pressure that hinders the growth rate of the crystallites.
Enterohepatic circulation of bile acids results in efficient reabsorption of bile acids, resulting in a concentration gradient between proximal small intestine and terminal ileum.
Sperm - in particular those of marine species - swim along convoluted paths in a chemical concentration gradient.
The theoretical background of the diffusion is based on an intuitive hypothesis: the driving energy that governs the mass transfer is related to the concentration gradient of molecules or atoms or ions in a diffusion medium, which can be simply the vacuum or a gas/liquid/solid phase.
This innate electrical signaling system regulates bodily functions from the cellular level by using the movement of ions with a small positive or negative electrical charge to create concentration gradient and consequently an electric potential gradient.
Such system becomes unstable when heated from below and generates solute concentration gradient known as the Soret effect, which is characterized by the separation parameter N, proportional to the thermodiffusion coefficient.
There is normally a steep concentration gradient for oxygen between the alveoli and the blood in the pulmonary capillaries.
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