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A few babies from women aged 40 doesn't mean the chances of those over 40 conceiving are any higher.
Results of the multivariate analysis indicate that the more certain a woman was that she would like to have a baby and the greater value she placed on being a mother, the more likely she was to be trying to conceive rather than to be okay with either conceiving or not (odds ratio, 1.
5 million people in the UK who may face difficulty conceiving.
The truth: While many fall pregnant without difficulty, 1 in 10 women in the US may face issues conceiving.
It found that poor oral health is as bad for fertility as obesity - delaying the chances of conceiving by about two months.
For couples trying to conceive, certain negative lifestyle factors are associated with an increased time to pregnancy and an elevated risk of not conceiving in the first year.
A string of studies over the last 20 years have reported delays in conceiving among women who stop taking the Pill.
Almost all women who had miscarried showed signs of high fertility just after the loss, with one-third of them conceiving in the next menstrual cycle.
Because baby's organs are formed during this early period, preconception health is critically important--and often neglected by women who may be "at risk" for conceiving.
Fitzmaurice produced a small number of eggs, making her already-slim 17 percent chance of conceiving a child with IVF even lower.
In that new procedure, doctors transfer nuclei from older, dysfunctional eggs (not differentiated adult cells as in cloning) to young, healthy donor eggs, and then inseminate the eggs with the husband's sperm - thus conceiving an ordinary child bearing the genes of both parents.
I can hear some readers nodding their heads and asking, Why should gay men forego conceiving children?
Nearly hall had a normal weight before conceiving, and 82% did not smoke in late pregnancy.
A Danish study showed those who have just five drinks a week halve their chances of conceiving.
One in six couples today will experience a delay or difficulty in conceiving, and experts say it can take couples anywhere from 6 months to a year to conceive.