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When I spoke to Betfair's eloquent spokesman Mark Davies yesterday, it was clear that this had occurred to him and to his company's bosses, Edward Wray, and betting exchange conceiver Andrew Black.
Originals, mostly conceived by, well, project conceiver Tommy Spurlock, resemble good Firefall or indifferent Eagles.
Saudur Rahman, then Deputy Secretary of Commerce, was pleased to take note of my representation reported in his brochure published in 1956, ushering in the scheme whereof I can safely and documentarily claim to be the sole conceiver.
property rule regime, under which "the idea conceiver must engage
LAHORE -- The 138th birth day of philosopher, poet and the conceiver of idea of Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal is being observed Sunday.
Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and conceiver of the geostationary communication satellite.
There's the sacrificial hero, Tripitaka, and the patriarchal conceiver, Chance, at the beginning.