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The chief cause of this ugliness of modern architecture is that the subject conceiver is often devoid or negligent of inner deeper imagination, and higher vision.
Conceiver, producer and presenter of Xfm's The Remix show.
Logic would not support that the conceiver of this wild tale would eventually succeed in his ultimate goal of a house.
Calendar conceiver and promoter Danuta Pfeiffer said organizers were "still reeling" from the Scandinavian Festival's decision when they got an unexpected call Saturday from Mining Days organizer Charles Snell offering them tent space at this week's Cottage Grove celebration.
Many knew him as the conceiver and co-author of the annual State of Logistics Report.
When I spoke to Betfair's eloquent spokesman Mark Davies yesterday, it was clear that this had occurred to him and to his company's bosses, Edward Wray, and betting exchange conceiver Andrew Black.
Originals, mostly conceived by, well, project conceiver Tommy Spurlock, resemble good Firefall or indifferent Eagles.
Saudur Rahman, then Deputy Secretary of Commerce, was pleased to take note of my representation reported in his brochure published in 1956, ushering in the scheme whereof I can safely and documentarily claim to be the sole conceiver.
And what is true on the level of the characters also applies to their conceiver.
They have tended to be either the initial conceiver or the final perfector in a particular inventive process.
The self speaks as "I"; contrary to Patke's assertion that the conceiver of the angel is Stevens without a mask (162), each reader is implicated, each reader reads "I" and speaks about herself.
This is so oversimplified as to be quite misleading because they assume: (i) that the inventive activity occurred in the United States;(50) (ii) that the first conceiver also reduces to practice first, or at least is diligent in reducing to practice under the conditions that the patent code spells out;(51) and (iii) that the first conceiver can meet the relevant evidentiary burden.
Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and conceiver of the geostationary communication satellite.