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Results showed that babies conceived with the help of fertility techniques were at a greater risk of being born dead, born early before the due date, weigh low at birth and die within the first 28 days of birth, compared to babies conceived naturally.
The prospective database study comprised 60,650 singleton pregnancies conceived by ART, comparing them with a control group of 360,022 naturally conceived pregnancies.
5 per cent of respondents conceived their babies while on holiday.
She conceived soon after undergoing acupuncture treatment.
At the same time, there is no legal obligation for parents of donor conceived children to tell them.
Conceived and directed by Debbie Isitt * Fox Searchlight
Conceived by the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, the exhibition features a selection of 42 photographs from the archive of "here is new york: a democracy of photographs" which first opened in a Soho storefront on September 25, 2001 as an exhibition of professional and amateur photographs of the events of 9/11.
Few of the children conceived by IVF are ever born.
1) However, among young women who had an abortion, those who had become pregnant 3-6 months before their 18th birthday were more likely to terminate their pregnancy dunng the second trimester than were those who had conceived after their 18th birthday.
Mothers who conceived a child by donor insemination or egg donation are likely to show greater pleasure in their child, but also perceive their child as more vulnerable than those mothers whose child was the result of natural conception.
Babies conceived 18 months to 5 years after a previous birth are healthier than those conceived at shorter or longer intervals, a massive data analysis shows.
Admired: The most potent diagram I can think of was simply a line ______ conceived by my friend, the late John Q.
If a child is not conceived in a normal manner, that's the traditional way of saying the child is clearly a gift from God.
Though no doubt initially conceived primarily as a practical measure, the decision to make Tom Friedman's recent exhibition accessible "by appointment only" also had a certain conceptual logic.
One could think of the diverse variants from the theory of parallels, particularly from the time of Thabit ibn Qurra, to the sort of analysis situs conceived by Ibn al-Haytham, for the doctrines of the invisibles in the seventeenth century.