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Synonyms for conceivable

Synonyms for conceivable

capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined

Synonyms for conceivable

capable of being imagined


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Well, certainly that is also a conceivable hypothesis," said Holmes, smiling.
The only conceivable motive was that which had been suggested by Sir Henry, that if the family could be scared away a comfortable and permanent home would be secured for the Barrymores.
This is not a conceivable bone either of a tapir or of any other creature known to zoology.
Presuming that it is an appointment," continued the Inspector, "it is of course a conceivable theory that this William Kirwan--though he had the reputation of being an honest man, may have been in league with the thief.
And this too had lent anxiety to her eyes when she saluted the dear view and the dear garden in the foreground, and above them, scarcely conceivable elsewhere, the dear sun.
He could not picture May Welland, in whatever conceivable emergency, hawking about her private difficulties and lavishing her confidences on strange men; and she had never seemed to him finer or fairer than in the week that followed.
Yet I could see no middle course of conceivable safety, if I held my tongue another moment.
It was not a trot, a gallop, or a canter, but a stampede, and made up of all possible or conceivable gaits.
He made sketches of Watson in every conceivable attitude, and Watson was impressed by his talent.
still more full of intelligence than the former; for this order explained Aramis's presence with the king, and that Aramis, in order to have obtained Fouquet's pardon, must have made considerable progress in the royal favor, and that this favor explained, in its tenor, the hardly conceivable assurance with which M.
Among a large class there seemed to be a dependence upon the Government for every conceivable thing.
Met by this difficulty historians of that class devise some most obscure, impalpable, and general abstraction which can cover all conceivable occurrences, and declare this abstraction to be the aim of humanity's movement.
Surely, Helen, you ought to have taught her by this time that she's a person of no conceivable importance whatever--not beautiful, or well dressed, or conspicuous for elegance or intellect, or deportment.
The human mind has at no period accepted a moral chaos; and so preposterous a result was not strictly conceivable.
Could I find my way back to the prospector with its priceless freight of books, firearms, ammunition, scien-tific instruments, and still more books--its great library of reference works upon every conceivable branch of ap-plied sciences?