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Synonyms for conceivability

the state of being conceivable

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Thus, where does plausibility lie on the continuum between conceivability and probability?
Gorham (2008), "the close connection between psychological conceivability and real possibility is a hallmark of Cartesian metaphysics" (pp.
Strategic focus--it represents an outlet of the BSC system, which is a definition of mission, vision and subject strategy that are projected into the conceivability of the strategic maps as the basic BSC component.
But it does not follow that full certainty excludes the conceivability that what is evident could subsequently become doubtful, or the conceivability that being could prove to be illusion (p.
E-mentoring--and more specifically VV--embrace the conceivability to disseminate knowledge in a twenty-first century tech nologically-rich society.
Salkeld also seemed to dismiss popular Catholic and Evangelical understandings of their respective post-death beliefs, as though these were erroneous when they disagreed with official church doctrine--which objection Salkeld might refute by reminding readers that he is arguing for the conceivability of agreement, not for its occurrence.
Plausibility is something more than mere possibility or conceivability, the Court has told us, but something less than a preponderance test.
Meillassoux encapsulates this Ptolemaic revenge in Kant in the following way: 'the condition for the conceivability of the Copernican decentering wrought by modern science is actually provided by a Ptolemaic re-centering of thought'.
Given the difficult concept of conceivability new interoperable solutions handling conveyor and especially in particular quantification of the impact of this measure on the overall productivity of the welding line, it was decided to create a simulation model of the existing production system and model of the new arrangement (Bangsow 2010).
To be more precise, there are two questions: is conceivability a necessary or only a sufficient condition for metaphysical possibility and necessity (see Yablo, 1993; Chalmers, 2002)?
Darwin opts for a fictional case to establish the conceivability of natural selection bringing about these transitions.
Conceivability and Possibility, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp.
These include the special sciences argument (Robinson, 2003), the conceivability argument (Chalmers, 1996), and the argument from personal identity (Madell, 1981).