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the state of being conceivable

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Salkeld also seemed to dismiss popular Catholic and Evangelical understandings of their respective post-death beliefs, as though these were erroneous when they disagreed with official church doctrine--which objection Salkeld might refute by reminding readers that he is arguing for the conceivability of agreement, not for its occurrence.
Given the difficult concept of conceivability new interoperable solutions handling conveyor and especially in particular quantification of the impact of this measure on the overall productivity of the welding line, it was decided to create a simulation model of the existing production system and model of the new arrangement (Bangsow 2010).
Darwin opts for a fictional case to establish the conceivability of natural selection bringing about these transitions.
The paper illustrates the former by showing that two of the most compelling antiphysicalist arguments about phenomenal experience--the modal argument of Kripke and the conceivability argument of Chalmers--are not sound if this claim is true.
If, as Pereboom contends, the knowledge argument and the conceivability argument presuppose that our introspective representations of consciousness are accurate, then if it is an open possibility that such representations are inaccurate, it will follow that such arguments fail to establish the falsity of physicalism.
How To Avoid Mis-Reiding Hume's Maxim Of Conceivability, LEWIS POWELL
While this goal is perhaps commendable, readers will not get very far into Good God--perhaps to the application of Goldbach's conjecture to conceivability limits (59-60)--without recognizing the benefits of some formal training in philosophy (and perhaps theology, for later chapters) for a full appreciation of the discussion.
In this paper, it is argued that Weak Modal Rationalism, which is the view that ideal primary positive conceivability entails primary metaphysical possibility, is self-defeating.
The Emma Lazarus Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs collected sixty thousand signatures, calling on the government to endorse these measures because "the conceivability of genocide against minority groups, here in our own country, particularly against the Black people can not be wholly discounted.