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Synonyms for conceit

Synonyms for conceit

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

to find agreeable

Synonyms for conceit

feelings of excessive pride

an elaborate poetic image or a far-fetched comparison of very dissimilar things

a witty or ingenious turn of phrase

an artistic device or effect

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Lukas, vice president of policy at the Independent Women's Forum, presents plenty of standard-and correct--answers to the various conceits of women studies' departments in the opening chapters of her book.
This was the conceit that inspired the psihuska, or psychiatric gulag, where "delusional" people who rebelled against the benevolent Soviet state were forcibly "cured" of their "anti-social" attitudes.
Sunshine Has Rain begins by laying the groundwork in describing Channa as an overachiever and someone who has it all, basically to the point of conceit.
This reinvent-the-wheel attitude is a conceit common to all great social and political movements.
For Tokar, BT/GE encapsulates the intellectual conceit and political economic tyranny of a technology gone way off-track.
It was far too easy to recall a similar moment in Mark Morris' Hard Nut, not to mention the central conceit of David Parsons' The Envelope.
Another Reformation conceit we may want to put away is that things are getting better.
The conceit is clever, but while Finn occasionally references the terrain as "Siva," as though it is, indeed, an archaeologist's dig site, essentially, the book is an eclectic survey of what has become the epicenter of high tech.
Thus, in Washington, the conceit that life amid the political establishment resembles high school, which would seem a serviceable jumping-off place for some more trenchant point, is the point, made at such excruciating length that the reader is finally tempted to disagree with it, if only to achieve traction.
TRIBAL RITES "The conceit used by Survivor, that is, throwing together a group of nervous strangers in an unfamiliar, high-pressure environment, their every move is carefully watched as they wait for the next person to bug out, seemed oddly familiar.
2] 'Curtain Wall House' in Tokyo, 1993-95, by Shigeru Ban, based on the delightful conceit of a literal curtain, and glazed facades that 'can be opened and closed to alter the view and environmental effects such as light and wind'.
Later in the book, Lamont adds that religions "teach a cosmology of conceit and a superstitious anthropomorphism that militates against humanity's true good in this one and only life.
As artistic director of La Jolla Playhouse, Hamburger was responsible for a six-play season, during which she led the development of programming from creative conceit to fully mounted productions on the Playhouse stages.
With this conceit of hedonism in full play, Suren helps Jansson with the heavy lifting.
The Caribbean West Indian conceit that instilled in and was created by Bert Williams's blackface also found the same release in Lincoln Perry, without blackface via Stepin Fetchit.